How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud

SoundCloud has been one of the top streaming platforms for almost a decade. All musicians at some point have uploaded their demo or original music on SoundCloud. For a very long time, SoundCloud has been giving recognition to underground music. These Musicians have thousands of plays and likes on their songs, meaning they’re the best artists on SoundCloud. Lately, to get more plays has been made easier with the option to buy SoundCloud plays through online offers.

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How to get more plays on SoundCloud
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To do well on a streaming platform, you need listeners, comments and likes on your music. To get likes on SoundCloud, your music needs to be heard, which means you should find all possible means to share your music. The more people know about your music, the more likely you are to have higher likes on your songs. Organic growth is a long process but worth it. On the other hand, the option to buy SoundCloud plays is also viable and gets you plays instantly.

What are the best ways to get plays on SoundCloud?

Likes are the most important factor that musicians look for in their song insights after uploading it on streaming platforms. When it comes to SoundCloud, here are some of the ways through which you can get more plays on your songs.

1. High-Quality Music

The most important factor to look into is to upload high-quality audio. Make sure your song is professionally recorded, mixed and mastered. If you're a DJ, upgrading your sound system with professional DJ speakers is essential for a well-balanced sound. You can only get more likes on your song if it is a good song. Once the listeners come across your music, they will have a more positive response towards your song if it is of high quality and properly recorded. When uploading your music, always note that the song should be uncompressed (44.1 kHz) and should be in the wave audio format. This is your first step towards your songs being liked more.

2. Good Artwork and Description

This factor is not spoken about often but has a very major impact on listeners. Make sure your artwork represents you and your music. If possible try to fit in yourself in the artwork. An appealing artwork of a song can attract listeners to check out your song.

Soundcloud also has an option where you can describe your track. Take full advantage of this feature. Describe your track in the best way possible. Your listeners should know what they’re listening to. Talk about how your song tells your story within the song’s duration.

3. Use Tags

In SoundCloud, the use of tags is very important. SoundCloud users also follow tags to discover new music. Hence, when you are uploading your song, fill in the tags section according to the genre of your song. Musicians who release rap songs would use tags like #hiphop, #trap, #rap, #RnB. Choose your genre and figure out the kind of tags you have to use to get your songs more plays.

4. Promoting your Music

 Plan your promotion strategy. There should be no stopping when it comes to sharing your music. Use all means to share your music. Today’s music generation is blessed by the wonders of Social Media. Use apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to release your music. Put up posts and stories, a small teaser of your song does not cause any harm either. Directly message your song links to your close friends and family and ask them to like your music. Take the help of Social Media Influencers and request them to share your song. This way you will get a huge number of plays on your track.

5. SoundCloud Reposts

One of the most special features found in SoundCloud which is not there in any other streaming platform is the “Repost” option. Your fans may love your music and decide to repost the track from their SoundCloud account. When sharing your music ask your fans to repost your music as much as possible. When someone reposts your song, the song will receive a new form of recognition to a new bunch of listeners that have not heard your song before. This is one of the best ways of growing on SoundCloud.

6. Music Blogs

Almost every day you will see there is a music article where a blogger is reviewing an artist’s song, EP or Album. Wake up one day to read an article with your song being reviewed by a music blogger. Send your song to them. Describe your track and how the song tells your story. Bloggers receive such songs from musicians almost every day, so be creative and different. Once your track is featured in a blog, it will reach a huge number of people and you will get more plays on your song this way.

7. Keep uploading Music

Keep your listeners updated. Upload new content almost every two weeks if needed. The more active you are on SoundCloud, the more plays you may have, the more will be the chances of your song getting reposted, the more likely you will reach more people.

8. Be Original

There are thousands of musicians uploading their music every day. How can you catch up to them and get more plays on your songs? It’s simple, be yourself. Be Original. Your originality defines you and your music. This way your music is different, something never heard before. If your music is good, you will be noticed and heard.

Buying SoundCloud Plays

When it comes to growth, there are now several ways to have more plays or likes or listeners on your SoundCloud profile. One such option is to buy SoundCloud plays through vendors like These offers or schemes are available on several websites. To buy “X” number of followers, you will have to pay an “X” amount of money via an online transaction and you will instantly have those number of plays on your song.

The only limitation here is that not all websites displaying these schemes can be trusted. Hence choose a trusted website that has been used by other people you know.

Following the above-mentioned factors, along with good old hard work and faith in yourself will help you reach a significant growth in your SoundCloud plays. So start creating some music and get going!

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