What Should You Consider When Getting Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners make orthodontic treatment more pleasurable. It is a modern way of discreetly straightening teeth and is gaining popularity in today’s society. In the past, when dealing with crooked or misaligned teeth, we had no other option than traditional metal braces. While metal braces prove to be an effective way, it can put a hindrance on one’s self-confidence and the aesthetics of one’s smile.

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What are Clear Aligners Exactly?

Aligners, which are made from a thermoplastic polyurethane resin material, are clear trays that molded to take on the shape of your teeth. These “trays” are created from a mold of your teeth. These molds can be created using a putty impression at an orthodontist office or digitally after an orthodontist takes a 3D scan of your teeth. Once the mold is complete, the orthodontist then can plot the movement of your teeth using specialized software. This plot will assist them in creating a series of clear aligners for each step of the treatment. During the procedure, a patient must exchange out their trays, typically every two weeks, which will result in the final result. Here are some things to consider when thinking about purchasing clear aligners. 

1. Speech may be impaired for a few days

Within the first few days of wearing clear aligners, most people have trouble pronouncing certain words. Its normals to have a lisp during the adjustment period. To make it easier, slow down when talking. Your speech should return to normal once a few days have passed. And if you need a recommendation for a good dentist, be sure to check out this reputable Dentist within el cajon.

2. People will not see the device

Without mentioning anything, your friends and family will never notice the device. The device is almost virtually impossible to see. Some people feel self-conscious, wondering if others know about them wearing the device. 

3. Clear braces are more popular than people think

Millions of people worldwide are wearing clear aligners. They have a fantastic reputation and popularity, and contrary to belief, metal braces seem to be more popular than they are. 

4. Patients need to take them out for meals

Taking out clear in front of your friends and family sitting around a table is not highly suggest. Going to the bathroom or another private area can make for a more comfortable experience for both yourself and the people around you. Eating with clear aligners should be avoided at all costs. Eating with these can cause them to stain and increase the chances of tooth decay. 

5. Be prepared to be asked countless questions if others find out about the treatment

Many people around the world are unhappy with the aesthetics of their teeth. As mentioned, the popularity of clear aligners has been increasing globally. Because of this, you can expect that people will ask you questions about your treatment, especially if they are considering doing the same.

6. Patients should brush after meals

Even without clear aligners, you should be brushing your teeth regularly. Brushing your teeth after eating is essential when wearing clear braces. Making sure that there is no remaining food or plaque on your teeth that could transfer to your device after reinsertion is vital.  Keeping this in mind, every time you remove your device will prevent the possibility of tooth decay to a minimum. 

7. You cannot chew gum

While using the device, patients should only be drinking water. As this product should be worn at least 22 hours things like chewing gum would be counterproductive.               

8. Orthodontic treatments do not stop with braces

Orthodontic treatments do not end when your teeth are straight. It is professionally recommended that patients continue to wear a retainer after their clear align treatment has finished. Every patient is different; however, a standard recommendation is to wear a retainer for 12 months after the end of the procedure along with nighttime wear for a few years following. 

Treatment will likely take longer than expected.

Take a Photo every two weeks. 

Every two weeks, you will be given new aligner trays. These new trays are to make sure your teeth are continuously moving into their correct position. With each new set, your smile will become straighter. Try taking photos before receiving each new set. If you are unable to see the results directly in the mirror, make sure to do a side by side with the photos you have taken, which will allow you to see the changes much easier. 

Remote Monitoring. 

Another way to stay motivated and to view your progress is remote monitoring. Systems have been put in place that allows analysis by computer to assess the fit of your trays. This system can determine whether or not your teeth are moving and whether it is time to move to your new aligners. It can accelerate your treatment immensely, especially if you are committed to wearing your aligners properly. 

Some Patients Take Longer to Notice a Difference with Clear Aligners 

As we are all different, we cannot expect the procedural timeline to be identical. You may or may not see results, no matter how hard you look at it. Some take more time to show results than others, so there is no need to worry. It may take up to 6 weeks for changes to be apparent. Be assured that if you wear the trays correctly and proceed through the steps as recommended, you will see the results. If you have any concerns about the progression of your treatment, make sure to reach out to your orthodontist to get their professional advice. Each clinician will use their judgment to treat and retain each patient as appropriate. 

What’s the difference between at-home clear aligners and the clear aligners you get in-office? 

According to professionals, the at-home DIY aligners and in-office aligners are the exact same. For more sever cases, such as overbites, underbite, or if a tooth needs to move in three dimensions, a patient would need to be monitored closely by an orthodontic specialist in a conventional office setting. 

Are clear braces and clear aligners the same thing? 

No, braces and aligners are two completely different concepts. Traditional braces, including clear braces, are brackets cemented to the teeth and connected via a wire. Clear braces are made of clear material instead of metal. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are clear, removable trays, similar to a thin mouth guard, which can be taken out at any point. Both braces and clear aligners use similar forces to move teeth. However, they both have advantages for how the patient’s teeth need to move. Clear style braces are much better when it comes to teeth needing to be rotated or pulled down, while clear aligners serve in better use at expanding, rounding out, or widening a smile.

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