5 Safety Tips for Traveling Alone

Whether you find yourself in NYC, on a trip with your family, or just daydreaming about your next trip while on the couch, there is always that part of your brain that is thinking about your travel safety. It is so engrained in us that we must be thinking about safety at all times. We don’t want that concern to deter you from seeing our beautiful world, especially if your next trip is planned for you to take alone! So here are a few tips by https://www.travelsafe-abroad.com/cities/ for you to keep you safe on your next solo journey!

5 Safety Tips for Traveling Alone
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1. Check in often

When traveling alone it is important to make sure that someone knows where you should be as often as possible. It may be a parent, best friend, significant other, etc. Pick someone that is either nearby geographically that could get to you quickly, or someone that can help you in a moment’s notice by phone. You can use the app WhatsApp globally, to be able to check in anywhere there is Wi-Fi. If you send a proposed itinerary to your designated check in person, it will be easy for them to know if something may be wrong. Don’t be afraid to send them good updates too! In the app you can send pictures and videos to let them know you are safe and enjoying your 5th plate of pasta in Italy.

2. Use a safety device

Pepper spray and smaller pocket knives aren’t always allowed on flights and you may not want to venture too far from your hotel your first night in a foreign location to find them. We recommend getting this personal safety alarm by Birdie before you leave for your trip. It is an amazing product to keep you safe while traveling alone. The loud siren sound will help to send away unwanted visitors, and will help to draw attention to you if needed. Plus, it is extremely easy to use. By just pulling the top pin away from the body, it will activate the loud 130db siren and engage the flashing strobe-light. This will help you to feel safe no matter where you travel to.

3. Relax and enjoy the moment

If you find that you have travel anxiety and that takes away from your fun or your focus, these potent CBD gummies by CBDfx are a great addition to your backpack. They will help you to relax and really enjoy where you are. When relaxed you are not only more able to absorb your surroundings, but you will also be more open to new experiences while seeing the world.

4. Carry a first aid kit

Have you ever been traveling and gotten a blister, but couldn’t get to a bandage soon enough, and got blood all over your new shoes? Yeah, us too. When traveling and especially traveling alone, it is important to be prepared with a first aid kit. This Adventure Kit by Welly will have you covered! It has 130 pieces to aid you on your trips. It comes with multiple bandage sizes, tape, gauze, alcohol cleaning pads, ointment packets, ibuprofen tablets, and more. So, no matter the ailment, this will help you to mend on the go, and get you to your next destination.

5. Keep an eye on your belongings

Pickpockets are real, and they are cleverer than we can imagine. So, it is pertinent that you keep an eye on your belongings at all times. It is hard to do that with backpacks on your back, or purses on your side. A great way to keep your cards, keys, phone and other smaller essentials safe, is by using a belt pack. This RFID belt bag from Vera Bradley, helps you to keep an eye on your belongings at all times, because they are always on you and in sight. And the RFID feature helps to block any unwanted card scans while in public. 

Though all of these products will help you to feel safer when traveling alone, we think the main thing to do, is to just be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to change your plan if you feel uncomfortable. Have fun and see the world, but trust your gut when you deem it necessary!

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  1. Informative blog! I'm planning to travel alone. I hope these tips are very useful to me on solo travelling.


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