Botox Treatment in Las Vegas

This is an information-sharing, not review. I was driving to my grandma’s birthday, all dolled up, of course. I remembered it was about 5 pm and it was about the right time to have dinner. My latest playlist was blasting through my vehicle’s speaker, and it was the perfect moment to glance at my rearview mirror casually.

But there’s no denying what I saw on the rearview mirror that afternoon guys, A NUMBER 11! Yes, smack right between my eyebrows are the horizontal and dreaded elevens, and it wasn’t even because of the intensified light.

I thought that these annoying lines would go away on their own. After a year, I thought I was hallucinating when I see the wrinkles around my eyes. I just wanted to scream. The fine lines bugged me a lot.

Then I started to question the credibility of a cosmetic procedure called BOTOX.

Should I do it? Why shouldn’t I? What are the pros for me? Are there even some cons? Will the entire thing work?

It went on for weeks until I can’t take it anymore. After careful deliberation, I found myself going to the clinic of Francesca’s of Las Vegas to see what this surgery is all about. I was more on the curious side, but there was no looking back when I started the treatments.

Where it All Started

The thing is, my friends kept recommending me to a particular clinic in Las Vegas. I didn’t go because of the elevens and the wrinkles. I did go because I read upon researching that Botox can prevent my pesky wrinkles from deepening, and the treatment prevents them from appearing on my face.

About Botox

Botulinum Toxin A is a very popular choice for many Botox treatments. It is a kind of bacteria that when a cosmetologist injects on your face, it will reduce your muscles’ movements and lessen the wrinkles appearance for a time. You can read more about the neurotoxin in this useful site here.

Regarding the costs, this can depend on the clinic where you got treated, the type of procedure that you got, and other factors. But you can expect this to be about $200 to $400, and there’s a specific cost for each session that you need to ask about.

My Expectations

I don’t find needles to be very comfortable tools. I mean, I hate them, and I even fainted one time when I was in the hospital, and the nurse was trying to stuck one on my arm. I’m afraid that I’d pass out, but it didn’t happen!

What It Was Really Like

The doctor told me to lay down, and she whipped a mirror from somewhere and showed me the things that I didn’t like. We were on the same page that the elevens should be removed and I should prevent them from getting worse as I age.

I got about three injections in just a minute. It was painless, easy, and quick. What I felt was similar to when I’m plucking my eyebrows. And then, the entire process was done.

Every time I go to the clinic in Las Vegas, it’s the same story, and sometimes, I even feel that these things are part of my routine.

What Happens Afterward 

Since the experience, I have felt a few things. I realized that it’s important that you should not lie down all day, bend over, or force your body to exercise. They say that the downtime is about four hours, but I recommend that you should take the day off and let the aftereffects wear out.

A friend of mine tried to lean down to tie her shoestrings. Well, everyone may have a good idea of what happened afterward. Unfortunately, it was just an hour after, and this messed up the Botox. She had gotten lazy eyes for a whole straight month. Hence, I’m cautious about what I do after the treatment.

The effects would supposedly last for three months, but I achieved the 9-month mark before the elevens gradually showed. And they were not as obvious as before. Botox is not for someone pregnant or breastfeeding. Know more about why Botox is not for pregnant women here:

The ultimate result for me is that I don’t see any more elevens. My forehead and the areas around my eyes also feel smoother. I guess the treatment helped my wrinkles stay put because Botox trained my forehead to not move as much, unlike before.

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