Dunia Sinema, 24-Hour Popular Malaysian Movies

Pssttt... you know there is a new channel dedicated to Malaysian movies lovers like you and its available 24 7 from day till night. Recently unifi TV launched Dunia Sinema (Channel 128) at Fiesta unifi at Alamanda Putrajaya from Dunia Sinema Launch, 24-Hour movie, Popular Malaysian Movies, unifi TVin conjunction with Raya Celebration. This is the first 24-hour local movie channel. Those who subscribe to unifi TV will be able watch the best of Malaysian movies as well as selected of favourite Asian film titles within the genres ranging from Romance, Horror, Action, Comedy and more all day long.

Dunia Sinema Launch, 24-Hour Popular Malaysian Movies

The new Dunia Sinema Launch, 24-Hour movie, Popular Malaysian Movies, unifi TV is now available 24-hour non-stop linear movie channel and offered as part of Aneka Pack and Ultimate Pack or on ala carte basis at RM9 per month. 

Dunia Sinema is now available 24-hour non-stop popular local Malaysian movies 

If you are an existing unifi customer, you can start enjoying Dunia Sinema by subscribing to unifi TV pack via unifi TV remote control. Dunia Sinema channel is also available on unifi PlayTV app for on the move viewing.

Dunia Sinema Launch, 24 Hour Popular Malaysian Movies, unifi TV
During The Press Conference, David Teo & Emily Wee, Vice President of Business & Media Operations

During the press conference, Emily Wee, Vice President of Business & Media Operations, TM and David Teo with the tagline “never ending imagination”, local movie fans are set to enjoy their favourite popular movie on Dunia Sinema, be it the latest or classic local movies plus regional movies from Indonesia and Thailand.

During The Press ConferenceDunia Sinema Launch, 24 Hour Popular Malaysian Movies, unifi TV
Fun Activities @ Fiesta unifi, Alamanda Putrajaya

Besides the launch, there were also special performances, games, promotions and products showcase going on during Fiesta unifi especially for the crowd by unifi TV’s local channels. Such as HyppSensasi HD, HyppInspirasi HD, Salam HD, and Pesona HD.

Dunia Sinema Launch, 24 Hour Popular Malaysian Movies, unifi TV
Artise, Actor and Actr Fiesta unifi @ Alamanda Putrajaya

Actors and celebrities such as Liyana Jasmay, Amar Asyraf, Syazuwan Hassan and Aisya Hasnaa were at Dunia Sinema (Ch. 128) launch. Indonesian singer Virgoun were also there taking the stage with Dato’ AC Mizal, Sufian Suhaimi, Farisha Aisha, Insomniacks and Bahiyya Hanessa.

Kids Activites @ Fiesta unifi, Alamanda Putrajaya

Well with Dunia Sinema supports local film industry and at the same time fulfilling the demand from local audiences to enjoy the best of Malaysian and Asian movies. Unifi TV offers a total of 115 channels with 67 channels in High Definition (HD) consisting of 62 premium channels, 26 free channels, 2 radio channels, 7 video-on-demand (VOD) channels and 18 interactive channels in a wide variety of affordable packages or via ala-carte options. To watch your favourite channel on the move, download the unifi PlayTV app via the Apple Store and PlayStore or visit playtv.unifi.com.my

For more information about Dunia Sinema, 24-Hour Popular Malaysian Movies, please visit their Website and Facebook


  1. I hope my apartment will have the unifi coverage someday..sometimes quite sick with this streamyx..fuhhhh...

  2. wooohooo..nasib ada unifi tv kat rumah...boleh la suruh mak melanggan to the channel...binge watching la after this...

  3. I have unifi, but never watch unifi tv. Nampak dah banyak program menarik di unifi tv. I should watch it by now

  4. I have Unifi but never watched UnifiTV. Haha.. But also because I hardly watch TV nowadays. Movies only sanggup watch


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