Beauty Information Sharing: Cosmetic Ear Surgery During Youth

If you have a child who is considering cosmetic ear surgery, it's essential that you understand all of the risks associated with the procedure as well as whether or not children have the ability to receive this type of surgery before you consider going through with it. Despite the fact that these changes are merely cosmetic and won't adversely affect the function of the ear that the procedure is performed on, it's a big decision due to the fact that it will alter the appearance of your child. Although the primary reason to obtain a cosmetic ear surgery is to improve the appearance and shape of your ears, this procedure can also help to correct a defect within the structure of your ear.

Can Children Receive Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

It is possible for your child to receive cosmetic ear surgery, even at young ages like 10 or 12. One of the primary reasons that children consider obtaining this type of plastic surgery is due to bullying. However, it's important that your child is fully aware of what this surgery does to the appearance of the ear before they consider having it done. Even with children, ear surgery can provide a boost of confidence that will help your child be happy with how they look. The changes can be anywhere from small to large.

What's most important before the surgery occurs is that you and your child sit down with your plastic surgeon in order to ask any questions that you may have. These questions should also help your child to get through any worries that they might have. Ear surgery will bring about a more natural shape to your child's ears. The most common issues that children seek cosmetic ear surgery for include ears that are overly large, ears that protrude on at least one side of the head, and a defect that might have been causing issues with hearing.

How to Prepare For Your Initial Consultation

The initial consultation that you have with your plastic surgeon should help to put you and your child's mind at ease before the cosmetic ear surgery is performed. Your child will be asked a large number of questions that are centered around their lifestyle, what they want the surgery for, and their health. This consultation should help your child set reasonable expectations for the procedure while also allowing the surgeon to identify the type of outcome that your child wants with the ear surgery. Any medical conditions and allergies to drugs will be discussed so as to make sure that any medication used during or after the procedure is safe for your child. If your child has had previous surgeries, these will also need to be discussed.

During the consultation, photographs will be taken of the ear or ears that the procedure is going to be performed on, which are necessary for medical records. If you or your child has any concerns about the treatment at hand, this would be the time to tell the surgeon about them. By understanding every facet of the surgery, both you and your child will be able to go into the procedure with full knowledge of what the process will entail and how to best prepare for it.

What the Procedure For Cosmetic Ear Surgery Entails

The extent and duration of a cosmetic ear surgery largely depends on where the surgery is taking place within the ear and how much changes will need to be made. All surgeries begin with the application of some form of anesthesia, which can either be anesthesia that puts you to sleep or anesthesia that merely numbs the treatment area until the surgery has been completed. Incisions will then be made. The type of incision that is placed on your child's ear primarily depends on what issue is being corrected. Most ear surgeries will have the incisions placed on the back of the ear, which helps to hide the scar from view. Any incisions made on the front of the ear will be placed within the ear folds so as to hide them.

After the cartilage has been removed or repositioned to create a different shape, the incisions will be closed with a number of external stitches. These stitches are usually placed in a way that allows them to appear as natural as they can. This is a type of plastic surgery where the results are practically immediate, which means that your child should know right away about whether or not they are satisfied with the surgery. The swelling and slight bruising will take a couple of weeks to heal fully.

Potential Risks Associated With Cosmetic Ear Surgery

The risks associated with cosmetic ear surgery are the same for children as they are for adults. These risks will be discussed in the initial consultation with your surgeon. Bleeding and infections are possible as are changes in the sensation of the skin and general skin discoloration. It's possible that the scar might be larger than your child likes, even though this should fade with time. Pain can persist and it's possible that the new shape of your ear will appear asymmetrical with the rest of your face.

In some cases, your child may be dissatisfied with the results provided by the surgery. In this event, a revision surgery may be necessary. Complications can also occur during the recovery process. It would be better to wear appropriate compression garments especially during the recovery process which is composed of stage 1 and stage 2 of cosmetic surgery recovery periods to lessen swelling and hasten healing process. If you or your child notices any bleeding or swelling that doesn't seem to go away, you should contact your surgeon. Also make sure that the incisions aren't impacted during your recovery, which can lead to additional complications.

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