Beauty Information Sharing: Anti-Aging Facial Harmony

This is an information-sharing only not review. As individuals age, many begin to notice signs of skin aging. Some people notice the classic signs of aging on their faces and necks first. This is because these areas are exposed to the environment and accompanying elements. The effects of overexposure to the sun, smoking, air pollution, poor skin hydration, harsh irritants, adverse effects from products that touch these regions, and stress can all affect how evident the usual signs of aging are on different individuals. 

Those with fairer skin and blue or lighter eye colors often show disturbing skin changes sooner than their olive or darker-skinned counterparts. Some people are distressed because their face has begun to show noticeable asymmetry.

How a Plastic Surgeon Can Determine Your Facial Harmony

A skilled plastic surgeon MI with a specialty in facial procedures can best determine someone's current and expected future facial harmony. This involves carefully assessing each side of the face and neck to determine the extent of asymmetrical features. To some extent, almost everyone has some sort of facial and/or body asymmetry. 

Often, this is practically unnoticeable to anyone except the person. When there are very noticeable asymmetrical areas, other people's eyes will naturally gravitate towards the disharmonious features that can make the person being scrutinized extremely uncomfortable. There are some effective measures that can help in these situations.

Ways to Diminish Noticeable Facial Asymmetry

Makeup and hairstyle choices can often decrease any facial disharmony. There are some strategic interventions and ways to diminish noticeable facial asymmetry. This can involve a mini or comprehensive facelift surgery. If the asymmetry involves the neck, a plastic surgeon can also include a neck lift procedure. 

Other measures involve redistributing fat content, tightening muscles and lax skin, decreasing muscle twitches or nerve tics with cosmetic filler injections and numerous other plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments offered by 
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Why Combining a Neck Lift with a Facelift Better Combats Aging

There are some good and practical reasons why a plastic surgeon would recommend combining a neck lift with facelift surgery to better combat the noticeable signs of aging and other problematic facial and neck skin and structural issues common in mature individuals. Heredity factors play a huge role in how our faces and skin ages. 

Someone might notice troubling wrinkles and other signs fairly early, while others look younger for longer. If the facial skin is tightened, but the loose skin folds on the neck are not, the patient might not be as satisfied with their facelift results than if they had also corrected their neck regions. Some patients show loose neck skin, but otherwise, they still appear youthful in the face. In this scenario, a surgeon might opt to perform the plastic surgery neck lift at that time. In this scenario, a surgeon might opt to only perform the neck lift at that time.

Good Candidates for Facial Plastic Surgery for Anti-aging Treatment

A competent plastic surgeon will carefully listen to each patient in order to ascertain the patient's desires regarding their proposed plastic surgery. The patient should have realistic expectations of what the surgery can accomplish to give the individual a satisfactory result that they feel good about afterwards. 

This type of surgery should be put off if not really needed. There is some excellent newer, non-surgical, cosmetic clinic in burnaby that will help you in skin treatments instead of facial and neck plastic surgeries.

The Benefits of Both a Facelift and a Neck Lift Combo Surgery

Some benefits of getting both a facelift and a neck lift combo surgery at the same time include better facial and neck harmony with regards to the skin tone and anti-aging factors. Doing these procedures together can sometimes lower overall surgical costs than if they were performed separately. 

This allows the patient to undergo just one recovery period and the increased anti-aging remedial results gives the patient a better and more youthful end result throughout both the face and neck areas.

What to Expect After Undergoing a Facelift Plus Neck Lift Procedures

Patients should expect an initial recovery time of 7 to 10 days. During this time, pain medication, anti-swelling, and bruising treatments will be used as necessary. Most patients are comfortable if they follow their discharge instructions carefully. Most patients can return to work within a week or less, and regular activities and exercise can resume about the same time. 

The surgery is done under general anesthesia in a surgical clinic or outpatient surgical department. As soon as they are alert and shown to be alright by the anesthesia and nursing staff, they can leave with someone else as their driver to home.

How to Prepare for an Upcoming Facial Plastic Surgery

There are some things that patients can do to prepare for upcoming facial plastic surgery. This includes cessation of smoking or alcohol ingestion for at least a week or more. Certain medications and herbal supplements are to be stopped, and these will all be discussed with the patient in their pre-surgical consultation appointment. 

Avoiding stress, eating healthy, staying hydrated, and treating skin gently can all improve the surgical experience and promote healing afterward. The patient will have dressings and maybe a small drain post-surgery. These will be checked and changed the day after at the first follow-up doctor appointment. On day five, sutures will be removed.

Keeping the Stunning Results After a Facelift & Neck Lift Surgery 

To keep the stunning results are seen starting about a week following a facelift and/or neck lift surgery, the patient should follow all postoperative instructions exactly. This includes avoiding sun exposure, wearing sunscreen and hat protection when outdoors, staying hydrated, and avoiding cigarette smoke as this interferes in the healing process and induces anti-aging skin effects. Patients that remain active and lead healthy lifestyles can enjoy their youthful skin appearance for decades.

For further details on facelifts or neck lifts in Denver, CO, contact Dr. Stephen Weber, aboard certified facial plastic surgeon,  and schedule an appointment today.

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