Top 5 Coffees To Try In 2018

For coffee lover like me, waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is heavenly. Coffee makes us feel good, rejuvenate the senses, and has amazing long-term health benefits (drink moderately with 1 or 2 cups per day). Catching up with friends over a cup of coffee is also a wonderful experience. 

Top 5 Coffees To Try In 2018

2018 is here, and with it comes an opportunity to taste and enjoy some of the finest coffee in the world. Identifying and purchasing high-quality coffee and coffee blends will guarantee you that ultimate coffee experience.

Here are the top 5 coffees to try in 2018

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1. Mocha Java Coffee

The Mocha Java coffee is probably the most popular coffee blend in the world. It is also one of the first ever coffee blends that have ever been made. This coffee is a delicious blend of the best mocha beans from Africa and java arabica coffee beans from the island of Indonesia. Roasted to a medium color, this traditional blend is so creamy, tasty and its richness is unmatched.  Try this rich coffee tradition and enjoy its enriching taste for yourself.

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2. Kenya AA Coffee

The Kenya AA coffee is reviewed as one of the best quality coffees worldwide. This is because this coffee grows at high altitudes, thus allowing the beans to mature slowly. This gives them time to develop rich strong flavors and more nutrients. The Kenya AA coffee is medium roasted to give it that natural brightness, but it can also be given a dark roast for those clients who prefer their coffee with more flavors. This legendary coffee has a superb taste and its pleasant acidity will leave you asking for more.

3. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Grown in Jamaica’s blue mountain district, this coffee has often been regarded as the world’s finest and highly priced coffee. This coffee has a perfectly smooth body and it’s silky and well balanced. One notable quality of the Jamaica blue mountain coffee is its lack of bitterness and an unusual sweet flavor. Usually, a medium-dark roast to a medium roast is recommended to ensure that the best flavors and aroma is attained without losing its best qualities. The Jamaica blue mountain coffee beans are often used to brew the best espresso blends.

4. Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

The Tanzania Peaberry coffee is a must try in 2018. This coffee has a deep and rich taste with a perfect combination of winey, clean and crisp flavors which are not overpowering. Grown in the Mbeya region of southwest Tanzania, this rare African bean is smooth and full-bodied. Grinding it releases more fragrance and it can easily become one of your favorites once you taste it.

5. Ethiopian Harrar Coffee

Ethiopia is believed to be the birthplace of coffee. The Ethiopian Harrar coffee is one of the most celebrated and top premium gourmet coffees the world over. This wild and exotic coffee bean grows naturally in Harrar, a dry province in Ethiopia. It is dry- processed which gives it that fruity taste with a pleasant acidity that fills your mouth gently. Try this coffee today and enjoy its unique tropical fruit flavor and room filling aroma.

These 5 coffees are my best bet for 2018. Try them and you will not be disappointed. Are you looking for the best coffee blends in the market? Well, The Kent and Sussex Tea & Coffee Co have just what you need. With a daily roasting program, you are guaranteed the finest quality coffee blends. Discover this amazing Coffee blends at

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