Guide to Party in Mykonos

Mykonos Island is worldwide known as the Greek party-Mecca. This means that if you are visiting Mykonos, you can’t miss the parties, in fact it would be really hard to avoid them! In Mykonos, parties happen any time at almost any place. But if you want to enjoy your vacations at maximum, you have to be a little picky and get to know Mykonos before you plan your vacations there.

Guide to Partying in Mykonos Island

As a general rule to avoid discomfort, try to plan and book everything in advance. Make sure your accommodation will be convenient in terms of transportation and find out the cost, the routes and the car rental company, buses, taxis or private transportation methods.

Beach Parties in Mykonos

Beach Parties

After a lazy day of sunbathing at the beach or relaxing by a pool, nothing would be more fun than enjoying Mykonos’ tense nightlife at a beach party. Be prepared for everything – getting exhausted from dancing, meeting new people, even taking your clothes off.

The most famous beaches in Mykonos for their crazy parties are 4:

Super Paradise Beach, located right next to Paradise beach and 7 km south east of Mykonos Town. It is not as organized as Paradise Beach but it is very popular and it may get very crowded at peak season.

Paradise Beach, between Paraga and Super Paradise beaches, mainly attracts young crowds and is nudist friendly. There is a number of clubs there that organize day and night parties, including the famous Cavo Paradiso, Tropicana and Guapaloca clubs. By sunset, the whole beach turns into a big night club with loud music and people dancing everywhere – on the tables, on the decks, on the sand.

Paraga Beach lies 6 km south of Mykonos Town and is divided to two parts. The right side is where the parties take place, while the left one is more quiet and relaxing. Scorpios and Kalua are the most upscale and famous clubs in Paraga Beach.

Psarou Beach attracts many celebrities from all over the world, so if you want to meet some of them you have to join a party there. It is located 5 km from the capital of Mykonos and offers amazing view. Here you will find Nammos, a day resort that turns into a partying club by night and one of the hottest spots on Mykonos island the last couple of years.

Clubbing 24/7 in Mykonos

Clubbing 24/7

Even if you are not a late-night person, in Mykonos you will easily find a club or a bar with loud dance music where you can drink and dance during the day. Some of the bigger beach clubs organize day parties or sunset parties as well. In the Chora of Mykonos you can also find bars where guests refuse to go to sleep when the morning comes, so… the party just goes on.

Private Villa Parties

Private Villa Parties

Having your own private party is the most upscale way to have fun and is just really easy to organize it in Mykonos. There are agencies on the island that specialize on organizing private parties and events, according to their client’s requirements.

Villa rental companies with amazing portfolio of Mykonos villas renting services can also organize your private party, no matter if the occasion is a wedding, a business event or just having fun with your friends.

Mykonos Villa renting

According to your and your guests’ needs, there is a big variety of services available to prepare an unforgettable party. An agency consultant can help you to choose the ones you will need:

• Villa rental, with a big number of luxury villas in Mykonos to choose from
 Private Chef with his team
• Catering and decorators for full themed dinners or parties
 Car or mini bus rentals for the comfortable transportation of your guests
 24 hours Butler and Chauffeur services
• Entertainers such as DJs, actors or dancers
• Child care and Baby sitters
 Executive protection with bodyguards and armored vehicles

And while we are at it, you might want to get your own villa in the island, from the best options that the market has, as there are some absolutely spectacular Mykonos villas for sale.

Yachting Party

Yachting Party

Another exclusive service widely offered in Mykonos Island is organizing your private party on a luxurious yacht. There are also specific agencies that can prepare everything for your dreamlike yachting party and you only need to describe what you want.

The options are unlimited. You can take your friends on board and visit the most beautiful beaches of the island, the islets of Dilos and Rinia or another nearby island. Or you can just go to an isolated beach and party there with your friends.

The agencies will provide you with everything you will need, a private chef, a butler, a DJ or entertainers. All these spacious yachts have an experienced captain and staff. For your meals, you can organize a BBQ on the deck or ask the chef to prepare some exotic, gourmet dishes for you and your guests. Yachts are also equipped with a number of bedrooms and most of the amenities you can find in a lavish hotel.

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