5 Popular Engagement Ring Myths That Need to Be Busted

People often fall prey to “traditions” when buying engagement rings. The problem with following traditions is that it often leads you to do things that you would otherwise never consider. Succumbing to societal expectations, a lot of people end up spending too much on rings that they don’t even like. Remember, nothing is more important than your personal preference. You really don’t have to spend thousands on a typical platinum and diamond engagement ring if you don’t want to. You can just as easily select eclectic rings that use unusual metals and gems. To help you find something you like, here’re 5 popular engagement ring myths, busted.

You Have to Surprise Her with a Proposal:  Surprising your partner with a sudden and unexpected proposal can be an amazingly romantic gesture. However, this is not the only way to get engaged. In fact, a lot of couples decide to get married together and for them, a surprise proposal simply doesn’t apply. There are also a few practical problems associated with surprise proposals. For starters, the guy is forced to buy an engagement ring without fully understanding the preferences of his partner.

You Have to Spend “Three Month’s Salary”:  This is a pure marketing myth that was promoted by De Beers, the famous diamond company. In fact, before the 1930s, gifting diamond rings during proposals were not at all popular. Only after decades of marketing and promotion, people started to believe in this myth. This means if you are overspending on an engagement ring, you are not really honouring an age-old wedding tradition. Instead, you are falling prey to an amazing marketing campaign.

You Need a Giant Rock:  A lot of jewelry store executives try and focus on the carat, which is the size of the diamond. However, there are other parameters at play. Some women don’t like a giant rock, instead, they prefer subtle designs that use multiple smaller stones. It also doesn’t make sense going for the biggest carat and lose focus on the cut and clarity.

Engagement Rings Have to Have a Particular Style: When most people think of engagement rings, they typically imagine a diamond and platinum ring. However, there are tons of other options. If you are on a budget, you can choose a strikingly blue sapphire ring instead of picking a mediocre-looking diamond ring. It’s really up to you to pick a gem and metal option that you like as there are no traditional style norms to follow.

You Should Never Buy Engagement Rings Online:  There has been a huge increase in the popularity of buying jewelry online. In a bid to save time and money, people often buy engagement and wedding ring sets from reputed online stores.

When you visit a physical store you are restricted by the engagement ring collection of that particular jewelry outlet. This is a real problem especially if you have a hard time saying no or walking away without buying anything. Buying online allows you to remain within the comforts of your home while browsing through an endless range of rings available in a multitude of style and price options.

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