Successful Ways How to Get Over Being Cheated On

fThe pain of being cheated on is real and cannot be denied. When your significant other chooses to be unfaithful, it feels like the ultimate betrayal of the trust you had in your relationship. You may feel inadequate or depressed, and your self-esteem may suffer. However, there is a small bright side. All these feelings are totally normal, and there is hope for moving on. But you have to decide how you want to move forward. Here are some of the most successful ways to figure out how to get over being cheated on. 

It is expert relationship advice, pared with “hands-on” tips on how to move forward and get to living a normal, happy life again.
1. If You’re Ready to Fix Things after being cheated on…
a) Hold Him accountable
b) Be ready for the hard Truth
c) Stay patient

2. If You’re Ready to Move On after being cheated on…
a) Examine your Partner
b) Examine Yourself

3. The most surprising Fact about cheating Men

Always remember that it is never your fault that someone cheated on you. Perhaps you’ve been dealing with a variety of relationship problems for a while, some of which you may know are your fault. But it was not you who made the choice to cheat. It was your partner who decided to cheat. Don’t blame yourself.

With that in mind, you have to make the important decision to either mend your relationship or break up and move on. This is extremely personal, and the choice you make will depend a lot on your individual situation. To help simplify it for you, we’ve taken a look at what you can do to heal a relationship – and what you can do when it’s time to end it.

1. If You’re Ready to Fix Things after being cheated on…

Psychology Today suggests that the best way to deal with how to get over being cheated on and to heal a fractured relationship after one partner cheats is through rigorous honesty. In a nutshell, rigorous honesty is the unwavering commitment to staying truthful and completely transparent with your partner.

This can be a challenge for someone who cheats, especially if they are used to relying on dishonest behavior. There are a few ways you can aid your partner with their commitment to rigorous honesty.

a) Hold Him Accountable

If your partner often falls back on lies, you may notice old habits coming back to haunt them. Signs that your partner is struggling with honesty may include hiding part of the truth, getting defensive, and minimizing a situation or story. Don’t be afraid to call out your partner on these behaviors, but be patient. 

It can take time to fix old habits, but if you’re both truly committed than the wait is worth it. Besides, holding him accountable for his mistakes will be the only way for you to deal with the general question of how to build trust in a relationship again. So from that very selfish aspect already, you want to have a very honest discussion with your partner.

b) Be Ready for the Hard Truth

Sometimes rigorous honesty can bring ugly truths to the surface. It’s important for you not to shy away from these. After all, you want to really learn how to get over being cheated on by your partner, right? Your partner may tell you something truthful that is surprising or feels hurtful as first, especially if you’re not used to this level of honesty. Remember you are rebuilding trust with your partner. 

Don’t shame them for being honest, but neither of you should be mean or disrespectful to each other during these hard-to-have conversations. Also bear in mind that the discussion you need to have with your partner is not about why men cheat and lie in general, but very specific and limited to your particular situation.

c) Stay Patient

Even if your partner is being 100 percent honest, you may find it difficult to believe what he tells you. This is normal, and your partner should be understanding of this. Remember that rebuilding trust takes time! While it’s important to make an effort to believe your partner when he is being honest, you aren’t expected to change your feelings overnight.

The most important part of rebuilding your relationship is keeping the lines of communication completely open – on both sides! Both partners have to be willing to be patient with each other and work towards rebuilding trust and honesty.

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