The Winter Wedding Wonderland: 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Special Day

Do you know how many months you need to plan for a wedding? I think probably at least 3 months or decently it should be 6 month or could be more. Planning a life time event like size and magnitude takes a lot of work. The venue, catering, transport, clothes, entertainment, and wedding marquee hire must all be secured in plenty of time. It’s a huge logistical challenge, so it’s lucky there’s lots of fun involved too. Plus, you may find some surprising benefits to tying the knot in winter. This article explores the challenges of a winter wedding and gives you some advice on how to deal with them.

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A Big Chance to Save Cash

Money might not be your main motivation for a wedding in winter, but it is one of the biggest perks. Even in Australia, where the climate is temperate, this season isn’t a peak time for vendors. It means many offer sizeable discounts to try and generate more business.

Winter is a fantastic time to get deals on your venue, photography, entertainment, transport, and more. In fact, the only area where you won’t find attractive rates is floral arrangements, because many flowers are out of season. You may have to pay slightly higher prices.

Working with the Weather

There’s always a chance of rain, so outdoor receptions need a marquee. Even if the skies stay clear, it’s likely to get nippy as the sun goes down and guests deserve a comfortable, cosy shelter. Fortunately, wedding marquees come in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

It should be easy to find one that fits the size of your party and the requirements of the site. One advantage of using a marquee is its ‘blank canvas’ appeal. Unlike a traditional indoor venue, marquees can be customised in any way you like. There are very few restrictions.

Keeping the Bridal Party Warm

If you have an outdoor reception, there should be shawls, blankets, or cover-ups on standby for the bridal party. The bridesmaids, especially, need to be looked after, as they’re going to be standing outside for quite a long time.

It’s a good idea to do the same thing with footwear. The bride and her party can arrive dressed impeccably, without shawls and in their heels. However, after the ceremony, there should be plenty of warmer, comfier options. Have a casual pair of shoes waiting in the wings.

Get the Photos Done Early

Don’t forget that you’ll have less light in the winter. This means less time for photographs. You can get around this by switching up the schedule and taking your snaps before the ceremony. It is unconventional, but it fixes a problem, and you and your guests will be at their most pristine.

You can, of course, save the most important pictures of the bride and groom until afterwards. In fact, it may not be necessary to make changes at all, but it’s worth considering if your event is happening in the late afternoon.

Embrace the Season

If you’re getting hitched in winter, it makes sense to embrace the season fully. It can feel a little strange when couples try too hard to evoke that summer vibe at the wrong end of the year. So, indulge in it. Celebrate the winter and make it part of your event.

You can do this with rich, festive colour schemes in red, gold, orange, white, and silver. Little details like handing out hot drinks to guests on arrival or putting mulled wine on the tables are a great way to create that cosy, intimate aesthetic.  

Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for a Wedding

There’s something magical about winter. It may be colder, but the weather brings people closer together. Ironically, the season is all about warmth, cosiness, and indulgence. Winter lends itself perfectly to weddings because it’s a time for drawing loved ones near.

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