Live-In with Bungkusit

Live-In with Bungkusit

At the restaurants, cafes’, shopping malls, parks and even while “driving”, everybody is glued to screens. Mobile phones have made it easier for us to keep-up with the world around us almost everywhere at any time. 

Live-In with Bungkusit, Bungkusit, mobile app
Live-In with Bungkusit

Despite the rise of convenience that is ready available right at the touch of our fingertips, yet we still can’t find time to get things done. How ironic?

-Running late?

- No time to cook dinner?

-No time to go over to your grandmas and pass her fruits & veges?

-Stuck in traffic?

No worries!! Let  make your hustle our problem. Curious to know on how that’s possible? Introducing Bungkusit ! Yes, you can now “bungkus” all your errands with just a few clicks away. Welcome to stress-free life while still living it. 

Live-In with Bungkusit, Bungkusit, mobile app
Bungkusit Anything Anywhere In Time

You only need to download Bungkusit app on your mobile phone today and start striking out tasks on your day-to-do-list by letting Bungkusit do the job for you. It’s that simple. 

Live-In with Bungkusit, Bungkusit, mobile app
Bungkusit is available for download on both iOS and Android platform

Bungkusit is an on-demand service app that is making a breakthrough for busy millennials in Malaysia. The service is designed to provide convenience at an extra mile. The app does your personal chores such as sending the Tupperware back at your mother-in-law’s place from last Raya’s delicious Rendang left over that you ‘dabao’, delivering the bouquet of roses to your fiancĂ© without making it obvious on your forgotten anniversary, sending out invoices to customers for urgent payment or even for bank-in last minute cheques before 12am of 31st of October.

That’s not all.

Bungkusit delivery is in less than 60 minutes at your doorstep. We have hundreds of riders, also called “roadies” that works all around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas who are able to receive orders within the radius of 5km and travel up to 30km in distance to meet your request.

Worried on the whereabouts of your items or tasks while WIP (work in progress) ? We have a navigation tracking system to show our customers the whereabouts of the Roadie delivering your order every second. 

Live-In with Bungkusit, Bungkusit, mobile app
Errands can be done efficiently without costing much and most importantly save your time

All these can be done efficiently without costing much and most importantly saves time out of your busy schedule. This is why Bungkusit not only meets your demands but priorities each and every customer needs. Bungkusit is all about speedy delivery in no time!

You need not worry about the extra charges due to urgent or same day deliveries because Bungkusit’s system has automated fee calculation based on kilometers travelled for a fair service. The difference compared to other on demand service app is, payments are in “cash on delivery” to ease transaction process besides providing trustworthy feel to customers that are insecure when comes to online payment methods. 

Bungkusit also avoids unforeseen online theft situations thus gaining trust and reliability to customers.  This is done by our Team which does a very deep analysis & background checks of each and every Roadie hired. They make sure No Roadie has a criminal record, nor even thought about anything that absurd!

Can’t wait to try our services at Bungkusit? In fact be the first to try and be the word-of-mouth for the most anticipated app in Malaysia right now. The wait is over as we are launching the most awaited on-demand service in November/December this year! No hustle even when registering with Bungkusit as you can login through your Facebook account. It’s also available on both iOS and Android for downloads directly on your smartphones for handy use.

Live-In with Bungkusit, Bungkusit, mobile app
Download Bungkusit

Bungkusit "Your Demands is Our Priority to a Hustle Free Life!"

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  1. Wow what an Amazing app. I really needed a fast delivery service which I can use anytime I want. Thanks for the introduction. Appreciate it .


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