Chicken Fiesta: Golden Aroma & Spicy Aroma Chicken @ A&W Malaysia

Chicken Fiesta @ A&W Malaysia

Few days ago, I was excited when I heard about the news that A&W Malaysia going to reintroduced their famous Chicken Fiesta. Yay… have you tried their crispy and aromatic Golden Aroma Chicken and Spicy Aroma Chicken before? If not yet, please go try it and let me know you like it or not?

Chicken Fiesta A&W Malaysia 
Golden Aroma Chicken & Spicy Aroma Chicken

When I mentioned A&W earlier, what pops up in your mind? Is it the place, their food, the parties you had there or… Well as for me there are many, back in my Uni days I used to hang-out A&W on weekends, me and my bestie will shared a mud of Root Beer Float (currently known as RB Float), and occasionally we had the Spicy Aroma Chicken too.

Chicken Fiesta @ A&W Malaysia
Spicy Aroma Chicken

You know A&W (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the first quick-service restaurant (QSR) opened in Malaysia at Bt Road, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. It was opened on 31st October 1963 over and the years the RB Float (previously known as Root Beer Float), Waffle, Beef Coney (previously known as Coney Dog) and Golden Aroma Chicken are their signature products.

A&W Golden Aroma Chicken

What makes A&W Golden Aroma Chicken and Spicy Aroma Chicken so special? Why when you try it you will keep going back for more. Well, A&W chickens are freshly breaded with special herbs and cooked to golden perfection before it’s served. Juicy and tenderness of the chicken are among the key qualities of its specialty.

A&W Spicy Aroma Chicken

Whereas Spicy Aroma Chicken is really spicy, the spiciness is which differentiate them from other brands. The preparation time is not more than thirty minutes and we get to enjoy the fresh, hot and crispy chicken out from their kitchen. Yums, I personally prefer the Spicy Aroma Chicken because it gives the umphhh because it’s spicy, so crispy and tasty.

Chicken Fiesta A&W Malaysia Combo 2 pieces

So do you what to try? From 7 November 2017 onward, you can order Golden Aroma Chicken and Spicy Aroma Chicken that serve with RB Float either in combo 2 pieces of chicken, or 6 pieces of chicken or 9 pieces of chicken. The combo price starts at RM15.45 only.

Chicken Fiesta A&W Malaysia Combo 6 pieces

Chicken Fiesta A&W Malaysia Combo 9 pieces

Chicken Fiesta A&W Malaysia Chicken Poppers and RB 2L Pitcher

Chicken Fiesta A&W Malaysia Chicken Poppers and RB 2L Pitcher

Oh yes, don't forget grab your limited edition RB Mug that only available at A&W restaurant. The promotion for RB Mug has started from 11th October 2017 until end of the year. A&W Limited Edition Mug 2017 specially imported from America company sell at RM49.90 for 20oz.

 A&W Limited Edition Mug 2017 specially imported from America 

For more information about Chicken Fiesta, please visit A&W Malaysia

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