Nigella Therapy with Nigenol For Your Natural Beauty

Nigella Therapy with Nigenol For Your Natural Beauty

Hey! few days ago we discovered a new skincare range, Nigella Therapy that is enriched with Nigenol natural skincare towards a more healthy and beautiful skin. Do you know that Nigenol or Nigella Sative or commonly known as black seeds or habbatus sauda is an amazing plant for health and also beauty. It has been used by many ancient Egyptians since 4000 years ago, even Egyptian Queens, Nefertiti and Cleopatra and millions of people.

Nigella Therapy with Nigenol For Your Natural Beauty
Nigella Therapy with Nigenol For Your Natural Beauty

After 30 years of research, the modern researchers found that Nigella sativa contains over 100 chemical compounds which are important for skin nourishment and rejuvenation. It also has significant amount of protein and exceptionally high in antioxidants that work as skin food.

Nigella Therapy Official Launch at MMCineplexes, e-Curve Damansara
Dato’s Farshila Emran, Managing Director of Pharmaniaga Berhad and Dynas Mokhtar, Nigella Therapy Ambassador

We were glad to be at the glamourous official launch of Nigella Therapy at the MMCineplexes, e-Curve Damansara. The product is from U.S.A. and it’s exclusively brought to Malaysia by RoyalePharma®, a community pharmacy of Pharmaniaga Berhad (Pharmaniaga) that highly committed to offer ethical and safe products to consumers which reflects its tagline – Care with Passion.

Dato’s Farshila Emran, Managing Director of Pharmaniaga Berhad at Nigella Therapy Official Launch

Truly inspired by Dato’s Farshila Emran, Managing Director of Pharmaniaga Berhad welcome speech during the launch. “We believe that the health of your skin is very important, regardless of its colour,” said Dato’s Farshila Emran. As one of the pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia, Pharmaniaga is also against promoting non-ethical cosmetics products that contain dangerous chemical ingredients and whitening agents.

with the stunning Dynas Mokhtar,  Nigella Therapy Ambassador

Here are Nigella Therapy offers three products namely Nigenol 100% Pure Black Seed Oil, Anti-Aging Day and Night Serum. Its main ingredient is 100% pure Nigella sativa (Habbatus Sauda) oil extracted using a proprietary hydraulic cold-press process which yields the most potent concentration of thymoquinone, an active antioxidant that helps to tighten the skin from within, smoothing out wrinkles while reviving the skin’s true beauty.

Nigella Therapy Nigenol, Anti-Aging Day Serum and Anti-Aging Night Serum

Nigella Therapy Nigenol, 30ml @ RM179.99

Nigella Therapy Nigenol contains 100% Pure Black Seed Oil suitable for dry skin. It’s the only hydraulic cold-pressed Nigella sativa oil that helps to address multiple skin imperfections including fine lines, dark spots and blemishes. It is also able to increase skin tissue hydration as well as improve elasticity and firmness.

Nigella Therapy Night Serum Snipgel

Nigella Therapy Anti-Aging Day and Night Serum, 30 Snipgel @ RM149.99 each

Nigella Therapy Anti-Aging Day and Night Serum advanced formula with triple antioxidant such as Nigenol, CoQ-10 and Ubiquinol, which work synergistically to eliminate harmful free radical from skin cells, effectively rejuvenating and revitalizing it. In addition, the day serum contains zinc oxide is able to protect skin from UV damage. Both the Day and Night Serum are suitable for all skin types.

Nigella Therapy is formulated using natural ingredients and scientifically proven to deliver real health benefits to the skin; a high quality, halal and safe skincare to promote healthy skin. Plus it is paraben-free, SLS-free, preservative-free, and not tested on animal.

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Availability: Nigella Therapy is now available in Malaysia, RoyalePharma® has made the products available at all RoyalePharma® pharmacies as well as via online platforms such as RoyalePharma® E-store, Lazada, 11Street and Shopee.

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