Top 5 Medical Trends in Men’s Health in 2017

Top 5 Medical Trends in Men’s Health in 2017

Here are the top 5 medical trends in men’s health for the year such as high-intensity interval training, outdoor activities, fitness technology, sexual health, science based fitness assessments. Check out each trend details

Top 5 Medical Trends in Men’s Health in 2017
Top 5 Medical Trends in Men’s Health in 2017
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High-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become extremely popular for building endurance and strength. HIIT is a training method in which low or moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals. 

This can be done with many different kinds of exercises and has been found to be much more effective than just cardio. HIIT has been shown to burn more fat than cardio alone and your body continues to burn fat even after the workout is complete.

Outdoor activities

Spending time outdoors is much better for you than spending all of your time inside, and many people are choosing to get their workout in outdoors instead of in the gym. Obstacle course races are very popular right now and offer a variety of challenges that a simple 5K race won’t have. 

Hiking can also be a great way to get outside and get in a workout at the same time. Climbing up and over rocks and up steep hills can be just as good of a workout, if not better, than a treadmill at the gym. 

Sexual health

Taking care of your sexual health is just as important as your physical health. One of the best ways to take care of your sexual health is to get tested for STDs on a regular basis. You'll find a comprehensive list of at home STD tests which are available and can be used to test for one or multiple types of STDS from the comfort of your own home. It is understandable that this may not be something you want to see your regular doctor about and one of the best trends in sexual health is fast, easy and totally confidential STD testing through STD Aware. 

This process works by simply choosing an STD test that you think you might need, finding a test lab near you and getting the test. Your information is kept completely confidential and you don’t even have to fill out paperwork. You simply get the test and leave. Your results are available within 1-2 days. More information can be found here.

Science based fitness assessments

Many gyms are moving away from the stereotypical body-fat measurement to determine fitness level and make a plan for their clients. Now, these gyms are using scientific assessments to determine a specific and effective program for each individual. 

For example, an Active Metabolic Assessment (AMA) can be performed to determine your specific heart rate zones and your fat and carbohydrate metabolism while exercising. This allows a trainer to help you exercise smarter instead of harder.

Fitness technology

Fitness tracking has been “in” for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Many of the latest fitness trackers have great new features that work to keep you motivated and moving. For example, many trackers don’t simply count your steps anymore, but they also have alerts to let you know when you haven’t moved in a given amount of time and work to remind you to get up and move! 

Also, many new fitness trackers have workout auto-tracking so that your workout will be logged for the day even if you forget to let your tracker know you are working out. These next-level fitness trackers will encourage those casual exercisers to workout more often and become an athlete.

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