Meal Replacement Shakes: Buy It Or Make Them At Home?

Meal Replacement Shakes: Buy It Or Make Them At Home?

People are coming up with more and more efficient ways burn fats and order to obtain a perfect beach body. But what are the most effective ones? Someone prefers to stick with a good old diet, others like doing sports and going to the gym. How about you? But if you are not a life fighter, you probably want to gain results without any excessive fuss when it comes to perfecting your body. Well, unfortunately, those ways haven’t been invented yet, and magic is not available. But there definitely is a good recipe of health called a shake. It’s tasty, quick, and so useful for your shape.

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If you don’t know what a health shake means, it’s pretty easy to explain. A shake is a special mixture or a complex of vitamins, minerals and natural flavorings. Instead of sugar, a substitute or fructose is added, which affects the calorie content of these drinks. So what are the pros of various shakes filling our body with proteins?

1. They can easily substitute a meal. If you don’t like to eat vegetables or fruits, because you are not into dieting, a shake will be a good starting point. Not only it’s so much easier to blend all of your ingredients into a smoothie-looking drink, but it’s also ten times more delicious and quick. 

You can drink it on the go and it fills your tummy for a good amount of time, because it’s like eating a whole bowl of veggies you don’t like. Yes, shakes can be made of anything and no, it’s not horrific. They are actually pretty tasty and we will teach you some recipes.  

2. The main advantage of fat-burning shakes is that they have a minimum calorie content, although they contain about the same amount of useful substances as a piece of meat. However, unlike the latter, they do not contribute to the production of excess fat, which can later be stored in the most unnecessary places.

Usually the standard portion of a shake contains not more than 200 kcal, but in spite of this, at home - and not only - it can replace a full meal, for example, a snack or dinner, and also be an excellent addition to your daily meals.

3. The fact that fat-burning shakes allow to maintain the body in a good shape at any time of the year is also a huge advantage, so you can forget about vitamin deficiency and bad health.

So where do you get these bad boys? The answer is very easy, you do them, or you buy them. Lately there are several healthy shakes and substances that you can buy at eco-shops, or online. One of the most famous ones are the substances, which come in a dry form, and you can create a mixture at home. They are pretty tasty, coming in a great variety of flavors such as: vanilla, coco, chocolate and so on. Here is one of the author’s best choices:

But, if you want to do your own, they are actually pretty easy. Here are some most delicious shake recipes for you:

1. Detox shake
A rich vitamin and antioxidant drink will give you a feeling of satiety and provide you with a daily dose of vitamins and minerals.
- Juice of 1 lemon
- 250g of pomegranate juice
- 250g of grape juice
- Half a teaspoon of grated ginger
- ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon

Mix all ingredients in a blender, strain and serve cold.

2. Oatmeal shake
- a glass of kefir or buttermilk
- 2 tablespoons of oatmeal
- ½ teaspoon of cinnamon

Mix everything in a blender and decorate with berries. This shake improves the absorption of sugar in the body.

3. Green shake
- 1 cucumber
- 100g of green peas (better fresh)
- 1 broccoli
- ginger

Mix everything in a blender and add some yogurt if the drink turns out to be very thick. This shake improves metabolism and keeps you full throughout the day. 

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