How To Be A Master Griller?

How To Be A Master Griller?

Recently we learnt about How To Be A Master Griller? at Nando’s Malaysian Grillers’ Challenge 2017 kick-off. This year will be the 6th year for Nando’s annual Malaysian Grillers’ Challenge. The top three winners of the national competition will represent Malaysia on the world stage at The Nando’s International Grillers’ Challenge 2017 set to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa, the home country of Nando’s.

How To Be A Master Griller?
How To Be A Master Griller?

Fueled by the vibrant and unique power of PERi-PERi, helmed by the South African spirit, the competition turns up the heat in the Art of Grilling, where the judging criteria follows a strict system consisting of 4 main areas of How To be a Master Griller?

1. Griller’s Appearance
2. Hygiene & Preparation of the chickens
3. Front Grill & Final Cooking
4. Taste & Presentation.

How To Be A Master Griller?
 I grilled my my own Nando's

The national competition will see the most fiery grillers from over 73 Nando’s restaurants across various states in Malaysia put their skills to the test to produce the most succulent PERi-PERi chicken this September 2017.

This competition aims to give Nando’s grillers recognition to their most dedicated grillers, who are responsible for firing up the amazing flame-grilled PERi-PERi chickens loved by many.

The representatives from each country receives not only glory, but also gets to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experiential trip to the host country of the competition where they meet other grillers sharing the same passion.

How To Be A Master Griller?
Nando’s Malaysian Grillers’ Challenge 2017 kick-off

This year Nando’s is on the search to recruit the people who truly enjoy Nando’s flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken to join the ranks as a taste judge. Open to all customers, Nando’s will be running a ‘Chicken Expert’ competition to identify the most qualified Nando’s chicken expert based on an interactive online interview.

The successful ‘Chicken Expert’ will then not only go on to join Stephen Chew, who will be leading the brood at the finals as a taste judge, but also win a trip for two to the land of PERi-PERi – South Africa. Those who believe they have what it takes will need to log onto to participate.

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