How to Work at the Cellular Level to Keep Us Healthy

How to Work at the Cellular Level to Keep You Healthy

We have heard a lot about supplements and natural remedies that can help the human body. And one of the supplements that we often hear about is CBD (cannabidiol) oil. But what does CBD oil do, and why is it so good for our body? In order to understand the impact of CBD oil, we must begin to understand how cannabinoid receptors work in our body.

CBD: How to Work at the Cellular Level to Keep You Healthy
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What we do know is that there are two major components to the cannabis plant. While most of us associate cannabis with marijuana, there are other components to it as well. A cannabis plant is made up of cannabidiol, which is known as CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, which is THC. It is the THC that is present in high levels in marijuana, which results in a euphoric and “high” feeling among those who take it. But CBD works in a different way, and has a unique impact on our body.

Cannabidiol and Our Body

A lot of people talk about how CBD oil from American Hemp Oil is not only healthy as a supplement, but can have serious medicinal qualities. Some research has shown that it helps our body in the fight against cancer. But how is that possible? How can something have such a powerful and concentrated impact on our body that it would potentially kill or stop cancer cells, but have no impact on the rest of our body?

To understand this impact we must learn about mitochondria. The mitochondria in our bodies are energy adaptors that exist in the cells of every organism on this planet. The purpose of mitochondria is to take high-energy molecules, like amino acids, and convert them into energy. This energy is used by the cells in our body to perform various functions, or to grow.

It is the mitochondria we must look at when we attempt to understand certain diseases and conditions. When we abuse drugs, or are exposed to other toxins, or develop infections, the mitochondria in our cells can become infected on a base level. Whether the mitochondria impacted in our body are located in our muscles, brain or nerve tissue, it can have a devastating impact on the body.

How Does CBD Work?

The reason why CBD works so well at fighting certain diseases is because it can stop the damaging side effects of these mitochondria diseases. Whether the condition is related to the release of free radicals in our body, or there is another cause, CBD is an antioxidant that has therapeutic benefits within our body. It mitigates the oxidative stress that the mitochondria in our body are experiencing when extracting energy, and can completely neutralize free radicals.

It is understandable that many people are still skeptical about the impact CBD can have on our bodies. People do not find it easy to believe that something so natural and readily available could cure cancer. But the reality is in the research, and we will only learn more when a great mass of the population begins to try and use CBD for its healing properties.

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