3 Major Health Concerns that are Challenging

3 Major Health Concerns that are Challenging Many Australians

Prevailing health problems in Australia is highly similar to general health concerns around the world. While it's more than 24 million population receive considerable health services from the government, people are still prone to certain health disorders due to lifestyle choices. These problems cost billions of dollars annually in healthcare with some remaining undetected until the worst comes. Early diagnosis, immediate medical attention, and overall lifestyle modifications are key to avoiding more health complications that may lead to fatalities.

3 Major Health Concerns that are Challenging
3 Major Health Concerns that are Challenging

The biggest health challenges among Australians is not entirely unique and highly similar to those found in Western countries in the United States and Europe. Here are some of the biggest threats to Australia's health.

1. Cardiovascular Diseases
One of the major cause of death in Australia with 45, 391 deaths in 2015, killing one Australian for every 12 minutes; cardiovascular diseases are as much concern in Australia as they are in other countries. It generally affects around 1.2 million Australians and incurs large expenses in treatment and hospitalization every year. 

Aside from genetic reasons, CVDs are attributed to modern lifestyle, food choices and indulging in unhealthy activities. Heart- related diseases can be easily detected earlier through regular checkup and can be corrected in early stages through diet and lifestyle changes.

2. Depression and Anxiety
The Sydney University ranks depression and anxiety as the top 5 and 6 health problems in Australia between 2012- 2016, affecting 8.0% and 5.8% of the population respectively. While these diseases only got worldwide attention in recent decades, the threats are real and are evolving. Risk factors also vary among people but common reasons include trauma and stress from the highly demanding lifestyle. 

These problems can be diagnosed with the help of mental health professionals and can be treated with counseling, therapy, and some medications. Depression and anxiety are a real threat to the lives of people worldwide accounting for the majority of suicide cases around the globe.

3. Body Pains
Body aches and pains affect the majority of the population but are often neglected due to its prevalence and easy treatments. However, some body pains warrant concerns as it may lead to different other health disorders that are undetected. Common ache cases involve neck pains that could hamper daily activities. 

Fortunately, you can look up treatments to help your neck pain in Brisbane and get the right help immediately. Other body pains involving muscles and joints also require some level of medical attention, especially when the frequency of occurrence is high.

Health is wealth and staying vigilant when it comes to what your body is feeling is a good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid complications. Changes in lifestyle and diet are must-dos for a healthier body, while seeking out treatment as early possible upon a diagnosis of health problems must be done to save yourself from further complications. 

More importantly, you need to get treatment only from certified and reputable healthcare facilities and qualified physicians to make sure you are getting then right and best possible treatment.


  1. I have all the 3 health problems, thats why nowdays I wish to join more healthy activity like you.

  2. I have a teacher who died of CVD while playing basketball, he's only in his 30s. It was totally unbelievable when I heard the news. Health is really wealth! :(


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