Health & Wellness Discovery Journey

Health & Wellness Discovery Journey

Recently we were at Vitacare’s Health & Wellness Discovery Journey at The Gardens Mid Valley. During the talk we discover and did out first Live Blood Analysis (LBA). By the way, do you know what is Live Blood Analysis and have you check yours before?

Vitacare Health & Wellness Discovery Journey
Vitacare Health & Wellness Discovery Journey

Live Blood Analysis (LBA) examines living blood under a microscope. A tiny prick is made on the patient’s finger and a droplet of blood is added to a sterile slide. So for those of you that are afraid of having your blood taken the traditional medical way, you will find this quite a painless experience. Blood is not drawn from the veins like the conventional way of blood tests that doctors perform.

Vitacare Health & Wellness Discovery Journey
Live Blood Analysis (LBA)

During the event there were LBA live demonstrations before and after taking RIN Enzyme. Enzyme has many benefits and functions to our overall health and wellness. Enzyme helps to:

1. Disintegrating capability by enhancing digestion, absorption of nutrients, lower cholesterol
2. Coordinating body’s internal environment
3. Blood cleansing
4. Cell regeneration
5. Anti-inflamation
6. Anti-bacteria

Vitacare Health & Wellness Discovery Journey
RIN Enzyme 

Apart from LBA we also get to know more about Astaxanthin, the natural pink anti-oxidant champ of all carateniods, stronger and versatile than Beta-carotene, Vitamin E or Vitamin C.

Vitacare Health & Wellness Discovery Journey
Live Blood Analysis (LBA) Form

For those who would like to get your blood check after consuming the RIN Enzyme kindly take not about this. The Live Blood Analysis (LBA) will be stationed at Vitacare The Gardens Mall and Suria KLCC on every 1st Saturday of the month starting this August. The 1st LBA will be on 5th August 2017 from 10am – 6pm. The charges for the Live Blood Analysis (LBA) are as follow:

VCard Member during VCare Day is FREE
VCard Member normal days is RM10
Non VCard Members is RM30

Vitacare Health & Wellness Discovery Journey
Vitacare The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley 

For more information about Health & Wellness Discovery Journey, please visit Vitacare Malaysia Facebook and Website

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