Tenue de Soiree by Annick Goutal ~ The Essence of Impertinence

Tenue de Soiree by Annick Goutal ~ The Essence of Impertinence

The scent of freedom, impertinence and audacity… Tenue de Soiree by Annick Goutal is a sparkling, frivolous and light modern Chypre fragrance for women with iris and patchouli. The Tenue de Soirée woman likes to go out, have fun and live life’s intense moments. She fully assumes her femininity and knows how to weild her charms, a very Parisian at heart.

Tenue de Soiree by Annick Goutal ~ The Essence of Impertinence

Magnetic and charismatic, she makes people's heads turn as she walks past. She does not follow trends; she appropriates them and interprets them in her own way. That signify the characteristics of Tenue de Soiree.

Tenue de Soiree by Annick Goutal 

The fragrance is elegantly crafted in a contemporary way with floral and powdery accords. The main accord revolves around the iris; an iris of exceptional quality that recreates a very Parisian setting, entreating a woman to reveal her feminine side and have the audacity to be carried away by her emotions.

Tenue de Soiree by Annick Goutal outlook and packaging 

The whole outlook and packaging is so feminine, mysterious, and audacious; a bottle with sleek curves and a purple gradient that recalls the colors of the sky at dusk. Hanging on its neck is a fluffy pompom that evokes the puff of a vintage powder compact. Deliberately oversized, the pompom brings to mind a real accessory and can be taken off and attached to a handbag.

As a bonus, a medal engraved with the Annick Goutal initials hangs from the pompom, clinking against the bottle with every movement, like two glasses of champagne promising an unforgettable moment.

Annick Goutal Tenue de Soiree Perfume Price List
Eau de Parfum 30 ml (1 Fl.Oz) in limited edition RM395
Eau de Parfum 50 ml (1,7 Fl.Oz) RM599
Eau de Parfum 100 ml (3,4 Fl.Oz) RM825

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  1. I would totally get this perfume for myself just for its bottle. I love collecting them. The puff is so cute, too.

  2. thats beautiful! :) perfect for valentine's gift this year

  3. I Love the feminine expression of this fragrance. Tenue de soiree by Annick Goutal`The essence of impertinence will be a nice valentine gift

  4. Oh how great- love the packaging too Kels, I am sure the scent is just as amazing too.


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