Lee Young-ae in Saimdang

Lee Young-ae in Saimdang a Highly Anticipated K Drama

Lee Young-ae takes a centre stage in Saimdang, Oh!K’s latest K-drama. A Korean love story set across time about the life of historical Korean figure ~ Shin Saimdang. An intertwined journey of Jiyun (Starring Lee Young Ae), a university lecturer of Korean art in the present, and Shin Saimdang herself in the past comes alive in this brand new series.

Lee Young-ae in Saimdang a Highly Anticipated K Drama
Lee Young-ae in Saimdang on Oh!K

Set in both the Joseon era and present day, Saimdang weaves a story of fact and fiction, uncovering the life of this unconventional 16th century Korean woman. Lee Young-ae is set to play both roles of female lead in past and present as Seo Jiyun, a part-time university lecturer and Shin Saimdang herself.

After Jiyun stumbles upon the diary of historical figure Shin Saimdang, in Italy and she becomes intrigued by a mysterious portrait that she finds inside of it. Looking to discover the history behind the picture, she takes it upon herself to locate the real portrait and through this, Saimdang’s love and life story awakens.

Acting alongside Lee Young-ae is Korean heartthrob Song Seung-heon (East of Eden, Autumn in My Heart). After a break of 3 years, he returns to the screen in his first period drama as Lee Gyeom, Shin Saimdang’s love interest.  

Drama: Saimdang
Director: Yun Sang-Ho
Episodes: 30
Cast: Cast: Lee Young Ae, Song Seung Heon, Yang Se Jong, Oh Yoon Ah, Yun Da Hun, Jang Seo Kyung.

Be sure to catch Saimdang, same time as Korea on Oh!K (Astro Channel 394). For more information about Oh!K and its programme, please visit Oh!K Website and Facebook 

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  1. I had watch the first episode, indeed..it was so good actually! hihihi...can't wait for more episode tonight!


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