Stepping Stones: A Journey Out of Lacklustre Living

Stepping Stones ~ A Journey Out of Lacklustre Living

A lack of excitement in a living situation can be a burden on many people living in the modern world, as it’s easier than ever to fall into a rut of repeated patterns. This leads to a lacklustre living experience, which can really impact your view of the world and how you feel on a day-to-day basis. There is hope, however, and you can get out of the ruthless and repeating rut of reticent recreation.

Stepping Stones ~ A Journey Out of Lacklustre Living

For each person it can be different, maybe yours is as simple as getting a new car from Cars and Co, or taking a long weekend away at a beach house. Whatever it may be, if you’re experiencing a lacklustre life, read on.

Minimise Expenses : first thing’s first, reduce your expenses wherever you can.
If you consolidate any outstanding high-interest credit cards and sell off any extra vehicles you may own, you’ll have more money coming in to do more exciting things with. This is the first step to a more interesting lifestyle, and a crucial one at that. Getting rid of any background expenses or non-essentials helps to lighten the load on your paycheck. You may save money on gas by planning your journey with a route planner app, such as Route4Me. By optimizing the route, you may save up to 30% on fuel costs.

Redistribute Spending
You might be spending way too much on something and not even realising it in the process, which can choke your income stream and restrict your entertainment fund. Are you paying too much for your internet and other home bills? Are you always getting the cheapest fuel prices for your car? Are you buying food at the right price?

These are all relatively minor things, but they all add up over time to form a large part of your expenses, and those expenses can be cut down. Find a cheaper grocery store (there are many, no matter where you are), negotiate better deals for your bills, and drive a little further to find a cheaper fuel stop.

Live a LittleNow that you’ve opened up your income stream a little, you can afford to have a bit of fun.

Go out with friends more often, go see a concert in your town, and a couple of movies. Start breaking the day-to-day monotony that had you trapped before. Depending on how much you’re saving now, you could also buy yourself a new car, to totally overhaul your travel day-to-day. 

Remember that it’s important to do what you want to do, not what other people want you to do. This is about your enjoyment and doing the things you love to do, so spend some time really getting excited about the things you’re going to start doing.

Travel Travel is now an option for you.
You have savings, you have gotten rid of unnecessary expenses and you have cut down on your bills, which makes now the perfect time to begin looking at prices for travel to the places you’ve always wanted to go, but never had the time or money.

Buying plane tickets long in advance usually decreases the cost significantly, and having a budget laid out beforehand helps you plan your costs down to the dollar, which is a must when traveling overseas. This is the ultimate way to break the habits you’ve begun to form, and get away from that routine that was crushing your spirit.

With these tips taking the lead on the new journey of your life, you stand to enjoy yourself much more than before, and even better, you now know how to deal with those long-term blues in the future, so there’s no chance of them making a surprise comeback. 

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  1. thanks for this article.. i am taking my stepping stone although i have to admit i do not have that much cash.. but i prefer to choose a quality life to live then just a mundane life in the rat race...


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