3 Ways to Match Your Smartphone & Your Fashion

Your phone says a lot about you. While there is nothing wrong with using a new mobile device straight out of the box, upgrades and improvements are what make you really stand out.

3 Ways to Match Your Smartphone & Your Fashion

Making some fashion-related improvements isn't difficult and many accessories are now so cheap and easily obtainable that anyone can give their smartphone a makeover. Make sure the extra personality matches your personal style.

Whether you're an Apple or Android person, the options are plentiful. Figure out which phone aligns best with you and then start customizing. From brand choice to cases to other bells and whistles, there is something great for everyone.

Apple or Not Apple
Samsung, Google, HTC, LG, and others have made their mark, but the biggest question remains binary: Apple or something else? For those who bought the very first iPhone more than a decade ago, they might never switch. Given the clean aesthetics and design beauty of the compact, four-inch iPhone SE, there are very few reasons to change.

Stylish Protection
Smartphones continue to get stronger, more durable, and more water resistant. Still, only the most daring are willing to walk around the real world without some additional protection. A case isn’t just to safeguard your device though. It’s also a fashion statement. What do you want yours to say about you?

Some people opt for a plain, single-color case. Others find a case decorated with the logo of their favorite sports team or band is more in line with their personality.

Other styles — like those that incorporate wallets — show your preference for adding function on top of the color. Adding a leather case goes even further to illustrate that you are willing to shell out some real cash to enhance the look of your most-used possession. Then there are the extra durable styles that show the world your practical side.

No matter which option you chose, your case will be the most striking customization you make. Nothing — not even the brand — is more noticeable from a distance. In this instance, it's actually what's on the outside that counts.

Charms, Straps and Extras
Now that fancy cases are all but standard, it takes a lot to stand out. Adding a little bit extra separates those who settle for something stock from those who take phone fashion culture to another level.

One of the trendiest moves is to add a strap to your case. Some may come pre-attached while others will require you to add a wrist loop as an add-on.

Even better is adding some charms to the strap. Throw on a teddy bear, mini-basketball or Monopoly top hat to identify your phone as yours and yours alone. Be creative and don't limit yourself to just one.

Another means of adding some pizzazz is to go DIY. Glue some glitter, beads, pearls or anything else you can find to the outside of your case. The best part is that the only limitation is your imagination.

Don't just use a phone. Make that phone your own.

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  1. I've never really thought of 'dressing up' my phone as I'm quite simple when it comes to my gadgets. But I've been on Polyvore a lot as of late and definitely see your point there. Who says you can't match your phone case with your handbag? I'm crushing hard on Kate Spade phone cases right now.

    Inspiring post!

    Mira | Pretty Little Things


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