3 Ways To Get Rid of Your Car

3 Ways To Get Rid of Your Car

Clearly this isn't something a lot of people think about till the last minute. Of course, by that time your car is so decrepit and worn out that there clearly doesn’t seem to be any silver line or better option on the horizon other than getting rid of it by any means possible. The wearing down of your car could be a slow gradual process or it could even fall to pieces in a single day of being driven around way too much.

3 Ways To Get Rid of Your Car
3 Ways To Get Rid of Your Car

When this happens, it doesn’t automatically mean that your car is absolutely worthless. Many people tend to have this misplaced assumption that once a car has done its time, there’s no other option but to send it to the scrap. Sure that’s one of the options, but certainly not the only one. So what are the best options regarding the future of your car which has seemingly reached the end of its tether? Here are a few of them:

1. Sell It
There are plenty of sites out there where you can list your vehicle and get quite the ideal selling price as well. The ads are not that costly and for that matter, on some sites the ads are even free. Once you get a fair estimate of the price, you can take the decision accordingly. 

Just remember to be completely honest about all the problems your car may or may not have and its real worth and be careful about listing a price that is too high. Then you may not get any enquiries at all. Compared to a dealership scenario, this is a much better option and you stand to make the most money this way.

2. Straight to The Scrap Heap
Gone are the days where you yourself had to drive your car around shady, dusty car breaking yards while coughing on the dust and hoping to find somewhere to leave it. 

Now all you need to do is go on the internet and within a few minutes, you’re bound to find a list of many companies who will be more than willing to collect your car in a few days time, not to mention pay you fairly well for it as well. Moreover, there are dealers out there that offer instant cash for used cars.

3. Donation

Even though this method seems to have lost steam over the past few years, it is still quite popular and there are enough organisations who will be more than willing to do it for you. 

Basically, the deduction is made depending upon the amount the charity gets for the vehicle whenever it's sold. One of the main advantages is that anyone (and mostly everyone) would tend to feel good about donating their car for a cause. 

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