A Feast of Local Flavours The Majestic Way

It’s the time of the year once again to reunite and rekindle among friends and families through solidarity at a feast of local flavours, the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. During Majestic festive banquet dinner review, there were more than a hundred classic best of Malaysia’s nine Royal states recipes, prepared specially by Chef Zaidi and his team.

My favourite dishes were the Perak’s highly sought after Udang Galah Sambal; fresh river prawn slow-cooked with sweet and spicy chili paste, Kedah’s signature Rendang Itik simmered in coconut milk and spices and Johor’s legendary Kambing Kuzi. There were local Aneka Goreng, asam laksa and murtabak live station also.

Perak’s highly sought after Udang Galah Sambal
 fresh river prawn slow-cooked with sweet and spicy chili paste

Kedah’s signature Rendang Itik
simmered in coconut milk and spices

The desserts lovers can look forward to please your sweet tooth at the dessert section with an array of heavenly desserts to complete your dining experience. 

Bubur kacang hijau with durian 

For durian lovers, indulge in the bubur kacang hijau with durian or santan durian. The dessert section also features local delicacies like kuih peneram, seri muka, buah Melaka, tapai pulut and tapai ubi.

Santan durian

The Majestic Festive Banquet Dinner is priced at RM125 nett per person from 13th June to 2nd July 2016. Be sure to follow the alluring aroma of the authentic cuisine that fills the elegant Function Rooms at Level 3 for the tantalizing traditional delights.

ramadan 2016 buffet, majestic hotel kuala lumpur
Singgang Tulang

Roti canai and murtabak station

The Festive Variety Dinner at Contango is priced at RM145 from 4th June to 5th July 2016 is a truly exceptional dining experience, a luxuriously designed contemporary restaurant featuring an interactive dining concept with two open kitchens that serves a sheer variety of local and international cuisine freshly prepared to order, including a special focus on local Malay cuisine this month.

Ketam kari

Head to the taste of the northern flavours at the nasi kandar section for mouth-watering dishes such as kari ikan tenggiri, ketam kari, sotong kari and dalcha sayur. Enjoy the tender and flavourful daging briyani with soft and fragrant nasi briyani seasoned with local spices, turmeric and shallots or nasi putih. Other side dishes such as crispy fried chicken, fried prawn, fried quail and fried fish accompanied with deep fried bitter gourd and papadom will be introduced throughout the festive season.

Ulam Melayu Station

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Festive Variety Dinner at Contango, please call +603 2785 8062
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