Claire Organics x Pink N’ Proper Box Review

Yuhuu!!! I am glad that my Claire Organics x Pink N’ Proper Box arrived before my Cambodia trip. They are part of my travel essentials and I can feel that summer is here. So these are the lovely items that came in a few days ago. Here is my Lulu Swimsuit Set, Claire Organics Rose Hip Soap, Luscious Cocoa Body Balm, Sunscreen Lotion Balm and the cutest Pink Flamingo Drink Holder Float

Claire Organics x Pink N’ Proper Box 

Well, these items are part of the essentials for my travel and summer beach vacations too. What do you usually pack for your summer beach vacation? By the way, do you have a standard check list for your travel? I do have a standard checklist and always have a set of my essentials ready in my luggage. 

Pink N' Proper Lulu Swimsuit Set in black

Well, let’s start with the main highlight in the box. I choose the Lulu Swimsuit Set in black because I am a bit shy to wear bikini. Perhaps I don’t have a killer body shape so this lulu all-black tankini strike my attention. I like its versatility and the overlay cover up that I need when I am out of the pool and when I tide up it’s a swimsuit.

Pink N' Proper Lulu Swimsuit Set in black

This is perfect piece for a stroll at the beach and also for swimming. I could not deny that it looks sexy at same time with the plunging V neckline and the side slit to show some legs. I need to work-out more to tone up my body.

Overall the lulu swimsuit makes me look sexy and its figure flattering too. The material is stretchable and comfortable, make from nylon and come with padded bust. However, the neckline might be slightly to plunging for me or it’s just me who is too shy to flaunt my body. I should be more daring to show my curves, if not now when…

Claire Organics rose hip soap, sunscreen lotion balm and luscious cocoa body balm

I am sure some of us have heard and tried Claire Organics skincare also, they use natural ingredients and 100% chemical free, and most of my products are even safe for baby use, plus it’s handmade with love.

Claire Organics Rose Hip Soap is natural handmade soap that is suitable for my skin type. It’s for anti-wrinkle and whitening. The soap is very mild, not drying and give a very refreshing feeling every time I use. It can be used on face and body also.

Claire Organics Sunscreen Lotion Balm comes with SPF25+ for UV protection for delicate skin and is also safe for baby and pregnant mummy. I like the small compact packaging and the balm is not too oily. Apply the sufficient amount on the face and whole body. It’s not sticky and don’t have the whitish residues after application. However if you are going out the whole day you need to reapply the sunscreen again.

Claire Organics Luscious Cocoa Body Balm is loaded with high anti-oxidant and vitamins for anti-aging. It also helps to soothe sunburnt, sensitive skin and eczema. I like the soothing and mild scent. The balm is very moisturizing.

Pink Flamingo Drink Holder Float 

The Pink Flamingo Drink Holder Float is must have for pool party, where people can drink and chill at the pool. Hope that they will have different colors and designs to differentiate the drinks owner. I like it very much and I wish I can have the float pizza too. That will be perfect.

For more information about Claire Organics x Pink N’ Proper Box, please visit Pink N’ Proper on Facebook, Website, Instagram and Claire Organics Facebook


  1. Pink N' Proper Lulu Swimsuit Set in black very nice and you look like a super model. I like this Pink Flamingo Drink Holder Float


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