Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Drink With American Ginseng Review

Heyo! We are back to KL after a short vacation. Well it’s great to go for a holiday with the whole family, recharge and spend some quality with them. Alright today we would to share the joy of wellness with you all. I am sure some of you have tried bird's nest before, do you like it? how do you feel after taking them? I just tried this Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Instant Drink with America Ginseng. It’s very convenient to consume for busy urbanites like us who constantly on-the-go and also for the whole family.

Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest For The Whole Family

Come let’s take a closer look at it. The Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Instant Drink with America Ginseng comes with a grand, luxury and sturdy packaging in red and gold box. When you slide opened the box there are total of 8 bottles of Bird’s Nest Instant Drink with America Ginseng, 75ml nicely arranged and fitted. I am pretty impressed by the luxury packaging.

Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Instant Drink with America Ginseng, 75ml

This box of bird’s nest is definitely a good way to impress your Future Mother-In-Law, so guys please take note ya. By the way, I think it’s also a meaningful wellness gift for Mother’s Day, Parents Day and also as Corporate Gift also.

Outer Packaging: Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Instant Drink with America Ginseng
Each bottle of the bird’s nest instant drink is packed in a glass bottle and air tight sealed. It’s made from Grand Imperial own breed house nest, which has been carefully selected personally and cleaned after harvest. It is manufactured under strict and hygienic condition by a specially designed vacuum sterilization process. GIBN Holdings obtained HACCP certification in 2012 from Ministry Of Health, Malaysia. The product contains no bleaching agent, colouring and preservative. It’s Halal with GMP and HACCP certified.

Now my family and I can savour the goodness of both in a bottle of superior quality of swallow’s nest with authentic American Ginseng slices. It convenient and taste good also. Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Instant Drink with America Ginseng has a hint of sweetness from the rock sugar and also the American Ginseng aroma and taste. It is not bitter and not fishy scent at all.

Product Review & Texture: Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Instant Drink with America Ginseng, 75ml x 8 bottle per box @ RM189

As you can see, the bird’s nest texture is still intact and also the thin slices if American Ginseng. The solution is thick and slightly sticky because of the bird’s nest and also rock sugar. I like the soothing taste and best to drink when first wake up in the morning with empty stomach. Have to consume within 24 hours once opened. Either take it daily or every 2 -3 days one bottle.

Overall, I was impressed by the packaging. When I tried it, I like the taste and benefits of consuming Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Instant Drink. It gives me the feeling that I am pampering my body with a bottle of goodness for wellness and youthfulness.

Benefits of Consuming Bird Nest For The Whole Family

Benefits of Consuming Bird Nest For The Whole Family
Bird’s nest can stimulate cell division and skin growth, thus improving regeneration of cells and boost the immune system. It is suitable for the whole family. Bird’s nest is all natural food, no additives, no preservatives, no bleach and no coloring.
  • For the ladies - it promotes radiant complexion and prevent the effects of aging if taken regularly.
  • For the elderly - it relieves coughs, strengthens internal body functions and improves appetite.
  • For the gentlemen - it strengthens the kidneys and lungs. Plus invigorates the body.
  • For the children, it increases the body’s immunity (Note: Only suitable for toddlers from 2 years old onwards)
  • For the expectant mothers - it enhances the immunity of the fetus and speeds up recovery after delivery if taken during the pregnancy period.
Please take note that, the best time to take bird’s nest is first thing in the morning when our stomach is empty or at night before sleep. This is because it is easier to absorb all the nutrition when our stomach is empty. Plus the expiry date is 3 years from manufacturing date.

Bird's nest contains cell-division hormone and epidermis growth factor (EGF), which promote reproduction and formation.  Amino acid is found in bird's nest can help to improve our immune system, strengthen heart function, slow down skin ageing process and rejuvenate the complexion. The nutritional content of house bird's nest is highly water-soluble and can be readily absorbed by the body. Plus it is also suitable for people during convalescence.

Review: Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Instant Drink with American Ginseng

Price: Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Instant Drink with American Ginseng 75ml x 8 pieces is retail at RM189 per box.

Promotion: Mother’s Day and Parents Day Promo
For all Instant bird’s nest - Buy 1 Box at Original Price and 2nd Box Get 30% Discount. Promotion starts from 20th April till 20th June 2016.

GIBN Holdings Sdn Bhd
No.18, Jalan Setia Dagang AK, U13/AK, Seksyen U13,
Setia Alam, 40710 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Operation Hours: Mon - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Tel: +603- 3362 1938
Hotline: 012-630 9938

For more information about Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest for The Whole Family, please visit their Facebook Page and Website


  1. Wow. Even bird's nest is sold like that too. The exquisite packaging suggests quality doesn't it? I'd say this is good for those who do not have the time. Here in the Philippines, we can buy bird's nest and they are still expensive even if they are mostly taken from a province in the Philippines called Coron. It has to be cleaned before boiling into soup.

  2. This package is so beautiful! It would certainly be a great gift. Now, forgive me for my lack of knowledge, but how can one drink bird’s nest? You add it to the water? Sorry, I'm not very familiar with it, but after seeing the effects you listed I'm very interested!

  3. I am not sure if where in particular in our place here I can get such. It's not really known here. But if ever I get the chance to search for it, I will definitely give it a try.

  4. Sounds interesting! How I wish we have that here in our country. It's really a nice gift idea this coming mother's day!

  5. What exactly is bird's nest? Many years ago someone had gifted this box to my parenst but they didn't understand the benefits and the use. How long can it be stored for? Could you elaborate.

  6. Interesting. Hear about bird's nest soup before and from what i know, this is expensive. how's the price of this one? reasonable? thanks for the info btw about bird's nest. :)

    Aika |

  7. I have never tried ginseng in slices before and I think it would be a great gift. There are so many benefits to it for your body. I also really liked the packaging. It is ready to wrap and give!

  8. I only know bird's nest as a soup! I didn't know that it is available in this packaging and with ginseng. I'm kinda curious though with the taste because of the ginseng. I agree that this is a great gift for the people we truly treasure.

  9. I love the packaging definitely something that we can use after. And this is one healthy product that I will definitely try. And yes! This is a great gift for Mother's day!

  10. What a lovely product , and so nice presented . I never heard of bird's nest , but I love Ginseng in general . I know about the benefits of it , you have made me curious now . I will check , if I can find that drink here in Spain . Very interesting post indeed ! Thanks for sharing :)


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