Play.Dove.Repeat & Dove Nutritive Solutions Upgraded Range

Are you ready to be adventurous? Let’s Play.Dove. Repeat. I just did that last week at Dove Salon at Monsoon-id Salon, Tropicana City Mall. It was a great way to start my day with a hair pampering session using the latest upgraded Dove Nutritive Solutions that provides an instant damage repair and progressive nourishment for my hair. 

Play Dove Repeat & Dove Nutritive Solutions New Upgraded Range

Play Dove Repeat
We love to style our hair using straightening iron, curler, hair dryer, colouring, or perming but at the same time we also worry about the damages. Well, the reasons I have to reduce my regular hairstyling, coloring or perming is because my hair become dry, damage and brittle. If I use the hot iron too often I will get dry and split ends. Then I have to trim the damage part away, that’s so sad right. I believe some of you might have faced the same dilemma like me also.

Dove Nutritive Solutions new upgraded range ~ Intense Repair

Dove knows our concerns on hair. With their new evolution of Dove technology, they are encouraging women to repeatedly play with their hair as Dove is there to handle the damages because Dove Nutritive Solutions with the improved formulation delivers instant damage repair and progressive nourishment.

So recently I tried the Dove Nutritive Solutions.

These are the products that I used at Dove Salon from
upgraded Dove Nutritive Solutions range

The first time I tried them was at the salon during the launch event. These are the products that I used at the salon from Dove Nutritive Solutions range. After the washing, blow-dry and styling I feels that my hair is so smooth, shining and soft. I love Dove signature scent, it’s so uplifting. The upgraded range does help to keep my hair moisture! Great, right! I’m so happy with the new range!

Wootz! I like my hair makeover with soft big bouncy curls that makes me look more feminine and sexy. Thanks Dove Malaysia

Would you like to have a hair makeover also? Well, in conjunction with the introduction of Play.Dove.Repeat., Dove launched the Dove Salon that gives us the freedom to explore and be adventurous with our hairstyles without worrying about damage. 

Find out your best hairstyle at

Play.Dove.Repeat at

Check out Play.Dove.Repeat at and play various trending hairstyles. Then pick the hairstyle of choice and head to the Dove Salon for a makeover with your chosen hairstyle with a purchase of RM45 worth of Dove products at the Salon. You may also have the opportunity to be selected to colour, perm or straighten their hair. During their makeover session you will experience the benefits of the new Dove Nutritive Range through the hair wash and treatment as well.

Dove Salon located at Monsoon-id, Tropicana City Mall

So hurry play and redeem your hair makeover at Dove Salon located at Monsoon-id, Tropicana City Mall. The Dove Salon is a platform for you to experience the Dove Nutritive Solutions range and available for consumers from 29th April 2016 to 29th May 2016. Remember ya its only one month, don’t say I did not inform you girls…

**Dove Salon is applicable for Klang Valley only and T&C applies  

Live demo and results with and without Dove

During the Dove Nutritive Solutions Upgraded Range launch event, there were also hair styling demo by Moonsoon-id. Plus we also witness the live demo and results when a rose was dipped and blow-dry with and without Dove. 

The one without Dove obviously became dried, brittle and certain parts start
to turn brown and looks like burned which indicates blow drying hair
causes damage without the use of Dove

Each collection in the new Dove Nutritive Solutions range offers superior nourishment solution that caters to different type of hair needs.  The range includes Dove Intensive Repair, Dove Hair Fall Rescue, Dove Nourishing Oil Care, Dove Straight and Silky, Dove Volume & Nourishment and Dove Dandruff Care and they are now available nationwide.

For more information about Play Dove Repeat, Upgraded Dove Nutritive Solutions Range and Dove Salon, please visit


  1. Seems nice! I would love to give it a try for my hairs. Although my skin is flawless since I'm using lifecell cream but my hairs are damn frizzy; make me look horrible. Hope it will work for me too.

  2. Ur hair looks radiant after hair wash! Never try Dove hair care but maybe I can give a try once my shampoo finish :)

  3. Just checked out the website, gonna pick up the treatment from the salon, bet it's gonna be good for my bleached hair which is really dry!

  4. I use dove too! I totally need to go to salon.

  5. so elegant! It's good campaign that Public could join too

  6. wow good to know. am thinking to go for a wedding coming Sunday. this one just came in time~thanks so much dear <3

  7. Arhhh :( I missed this event because of class. Your hair look so much healthier and softer after the makeover :)

  8. I have missed it too ~ I wish to do a permanent straightening ~ your hair is nice after treatment...

  9. Hello Kelly!
    Your hair looks sooo amazing after the tender loving care from Dove.
    By the way I love your bag!!

    much love,

  10. wow... loving your new look loads... it suits you..... and yes, dove is just perfect for damage hair...

  11. Wow! I need a hair pampering session.. Dove is always a great product!

  12. This would be my first time to know there is hair pampering session out there. Looks awesome after your hair treatment.

  13. nice place to enjoy hair pampering :) hope there will be more Dove Salons in other places as well

  14. This is such an interesting way to market a product now. I think brands are really becoming quite innovative! Btw, love your after makeover look. Gorgeous!

  15. I love your curly hair after washing and blow dry your hair! Looks super pretty and elegant =D Congrats on their opening at Tropicana mall to!

  16. I'm using Dove's conditioner now..this new range might be better for my frizzy hair

  17. Dove is a bliss for dry skin. I use some of their soaps and body washes.

  18. this brand doesn't suit me :(

  19. OMG. Those big bouncy curls are to die for!!! Maybe it's time i switch over to DOVE!!

  20. Been loving Dove brand for long time already, really like their quality products :)

  21. Think I might give Dove a try! Been finding a brand that will suit my hair, damaged ever since I've started bleaching my hair T_T

  22. your hair looks amazing! hehe. Been using dove ever since lately , and my hair loves the pampering effect that it gives.

  23. It is a very nice post. Thanks

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