iBeauty iSkin Set Review

Well living in the tropical country we can’t hide away from sun exposure. Even when we stay indoor we still expose to UV rays. So if we don’t apply adequate sun protection then the dark spots, pigmentation and dark skin tone will starts to appear. Last week I was introduced to a new skincare brand and here is the iBeauty iSkin Trial Set for skin brightening. Continue to read on if you want to know more about the products and also what happen during the bloggers gathering. 

iBeauty iSkin Set Review

Have you heard of iBeauty or used their products before? Well, it’s first time encounter this brand during last Friday at the hi-tea and gathering with Puan Ella Danial, Encik Norman, bloggers and also the Facebook Contest Winner. After hi-tea we had quite a lot of fun taking photos and selfies… that's what we usually do right. 

iBeauty Bloggers Gathering and Hi-Tea

It was a casual makan-makan and get-to-know gathering. At the same time we witnessed the prize presentation of the LV Handbag from iBeauty Malaysia to their Facebook Contest winner Puan Shima Halim. Wow! Congratulations to Kak Shima, I wish that I can win that LV handbag too. For those who wish to try their luck in the next iBeauty x LV Handbag Share and Win contest, you can check out iBeauty Malaysia Facebook Page here.

Puan Ella Danial presenting the LV Bag to Shima Halim, iBeauty Malaysia Facebook Contest Winner

We also managed to have a chat with Puan Ella Danial, the founder of iBeauty. She shared with us her challenges when she started this skincare brand and also her upcoming plan. According to Puan Ella Danial the toughest experience till today is to maintain the brand existence, there are so many brands and new brands coming up everyday.

iBeauty iSkin Trail Set that consists of 3 basic products such as facial cleanser, day cream and night cream.

iSKIN Facial Wash (Pencuci Muka)

iSKIN Facial Wash (Pencuci Muka)
This facial cleanser contains papaya extract and Vitamin C for skin brightening. It’s a fluid type of cleanser and the color is orange. Pour a bit on the palm and lather with water than gently massage on the face. There is not much foam but it helps to clear away all the impurities and access sebum. Please take note that this is not a makeup cleanser, so you still have to use makeup cleanser to remove all your makeup before using this cleanser ya. You can use the cleanser twice a day, day and night.

iSKIN Day Cream (Krim Siang)

iSKIN Day Cream (Krim Siang)
Apply this day cream after your toner, serum and before your makeup. It helps to moisturize the skin at the same time provide UV protection. The texture is creamy and contains light beige pigments. 

After application skin will look brighter, complexion is more even and also helps to cover some of the skin imperfections. The day cream is not oily and has a mild fruity scent.

iSKIN Night Cream (Krim Malam)

iSKIN Night Cream (Krim Malam)
According to Puan Ella, the night cream helps to reduce the dark spot and also dull skin tone. The texture is creamy but not oily after application. Use it every night for more than 2 weeks you will see the brightening effect when you wake up in the morning.

iBeauty iSKIN Trail Set Price: RM55 per set

Overall, this basic skincare trial is quite affordable and it.s suitable for those who wish to have a brighter skin or reduce their dark spots. iBeauty also have the actual size products and other skincare products as well such as moisturizer and serum. However, I think the trial set is good for those who wanted to try the product first before commit to the bigger size. Plus it’s great for travelling also.

iBeauty iSkin Skincare 

No C-1-8, Jalan Serai Wangi H16/H
Alam Avenue Persiaran Selangor
Seksyen 16, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Hotline: 03-5524 3100 / 016-4120 900

For more information about iBeauty and iSkin products, please visit their Website, Facebook and Instagram


  1. Nice entry kelly! Seronok jumpa you that day. I pun nak menang beg LV tuuu jugak..

    1. Syafiqah, hope to see you again. Join their facebook contest, mana tau ada rezeki boleh la bergaya and ootd dengan beg LV.

  2. Interesting! I love testing new products from samples, but they are almost always too tiny...


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