16 Tips to Juice Up Your Diet Plan

Yo! What’s for breakfast? As urban working adults we are always on the go and rushing. Many of us tend to skip breakfast which is the most important meal of the day or some only have coffee on the morning. So where is the nutritious breakfast to kick start your day?

16 Tips to Juice Up Your Diet Plan  

So here are some of the simple and easy to adapt tips that you can incorporate in your daily life for a healthier you. We need to feed the body enough nutrients so that it can perform at it optimum level.

Yet, did you know that the best nutrients are also the most easily available in your kitchen? Plump golden mangoes and creamy bananas sitting at the kitchen countertop, good old apples and lemons, or a bag of berries stashed in the freezer – these natural immune boosters are just waiting for an opportunity to provide precious nutrients to even the busiest person.

These are the ways we can incorporate fruits and vegetables into our daily diets. Here are the 16 tips, interesting and delicious options that we can reap the incredible benefits of juice. 

1) Make it a point to shop only once weekly so that your fruits and veges remain fresh.

2) Keep them easily reachable either on your countertop arranged nicely on a bowl or in a basket, or the top shelve of your fridge.

3) Put an apple or two into your lunch box.

4) For children’s lunch boxes, take the time to cut them into slices or arrange them to create a picture so that it looks fun and attractive.

5) Almost every dish can include fruits and vegetables – as finely chopped or shredded toppings, as ingredients or garnishing.

6) For breakfast, top up your cereal or muesli with bananas, peaches, apples or berries.

7) Instead of soups as starters, how about a smoothie instead?

8) Main courses can be served with sliced fruits like apricots and apples.

9) Instead of reaching for a cold beer or glass of wine to wind down a day from work, reach out for a juice instead. Try this as an alternative mojito by blending a cucumber with celery, lemon, celery stalks, some kale leaves and fresh mint.

10) Need a chilled drink or ice cream to battle the heat? Forego that store-bought sugar and calorie laden ice cream and make your own instead. Fruits are nature’s natural candies. Just blend your favourite fruits like mango or strawberries, pour the mixture into little jelly moulds and pop them into the freezer to enjoy the awesome icy delicacies after a few hours!

11) Although juices are best consumed freshly squeezed, you can still keep your favourite combinations in a thermos to be consumed on the way to work or a healthy mid-morning drink.

12) Cut the fruits into bite size cubes and mix them with a variety of unsalted nuts and seeds as an easily consumable snack at all times.

13) Create an interesting combination by mixing and matching your fruits, for instance, crunchy apples with juicy grapes and creamy bananas.

14) Celery and carrot sticks are rather sad looking snacks amidst our delicious repertoire of Malaysian snacks, but add in some fun and taste by whipping up a yummy dip created with what else, more fruits and vegetables seasoned with some mustard or honey! Or blend some peppers with cucumber and Greek yogurt for a creamy dip.

15) During cooking, jazz up your usual recipes by using blended fruits as healthy sauces or sauce bases.

16) For parties – simply arrange cubed mango, melons, kiwi, grapes and strawberries on little bamboo skewers for a pretty platter as a convenient appetiser or dessert.

And there you have it the 16 Tips to Juice Up Your Diet Plan. These creative ways with nature’s bounty will help you maintain your required daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

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  1. Looks so delicious and...healthy! :)

  2. I love green juice for my skin. Drinking green juice just in the morning is a quick and easy way to give my day a good start and provide my body with all the benefits of vegetables and fruits, particularly for me who don’t like the taste of vegetables.
    For my glowing skin I would prefer to drink green juice and apply Revitol skin brightener cream. Its a perfect combo for my skin :-)


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