Review: philosophy Brighten My Day skincare

Our skin is also like us, it changes through the years and according to our environment and current lifestyle. Therefore the skincare that we are using for the past years or currently using may not be suitable or it may not work as effective as it used to be. So we need to do a skin analysis or skin check to have a more accurate understanding of our skin conditions and also know what our skin really needs. It's like our body, we need medical check-up every year too. What do you think? Am I right? 

Review: philosophy Brighten My Day skincare

Usually, I am very careful when comes to whitening products because most whitening skincare it's very drying. It could jeopardize my dry skin conditions. However, like most Asian women I will never give up trying to be fairer. I will constantly search for a whitening product that is gentle and not drying for my skin. Just look through my essay on this topic.

A few weeks ago, I started to use philosophy Brighten My Day skincare range which consists of the all-over skin perfecting brightening lotion, essence and also the innovative expert dark spot & pore whitening peel pen. Can you guess which is my favourite product?

Philosophy introduces brighten my day, the ultimate solution designed not only to diminish dark spots but also redness and pores, all the troubling skin imperfections that take the focus away from your ideal skin.

It helps to brighten my skin in a mild and gradual way. I used these 3 products for more than 3 weeks only I started to see the results. It does not dry my skin. Philosophy skincare range is very mild, not harsh on the skin, hydrating and also effective in its own way. That is why it takes me a while to review this skincare range. Do not expect immediate results, when u use skincare that can give immediate results you need to think twice is it good for your skin in the long run.

philosophy Brighten My Day Skincare Range starting with a preparing product brightening lotion. This exclusive brightening collection also includes an essence and an expert dark spot and pore whitening peel pen. Its claims to have 10 complementary actions on pigmentation that significantly reduces dark spots and brightens skin tone; 3 combined effects on pores: visibly improve enlarged and darkened pores aspect and 3 correlating actions on redness.

philosophy Brighten My Day all-Over Skin Perfecting Brightening Lotion

Review: philosophy Brighten My Day all-Over Skin Perfecting Brightening Lotion, RM110 for 240ml

Use after cleansing applies philosophy brighten my day all-over skin perfecting brightening lotion using a cotton pad, get your prepared to receive the next treatments. This is like a toner. 

The texture is fluid and translucent but not watery, absorb very fast and very mild flowery scent or barely there. The brightening lotion helps to cleanse away the impurities, minimize the look of dark spots and also lightly moisturizes and brightens skin. Brightens and hydrates.

philosophy Brighten My Day all-Over Skin Perfecting Brightening Essence

Review: philosophy Brighten My Day All-Over Skin Perfecting Brightening Essence, RM215 for 30ml

Well, the Brightening Essence is my favourite product among the 3 items. You must be wondering why I do not choose the innovative expert dark spot and pore whitening peel pen. The pen is ok it works but my pigmentations only light by a bit. However, after I use this essence for about a month I can see that my skin conditions improve a lot. 

Overall skin is brighter, less dull and skin tone is more even. The pores also look less visible. I feel it gives me a balanced radiance and refined my skin texture. I don’t look very fair but my skin tone even and glowing. There is no tingling feel, no redness, no skin peeling, no breakout or skin oiliness after using this essence. I am happy to continue to use this essence.

The essence texture is milky white, semi-fluid and easy absorption. Not oily and not sticky. The usage is simple like any essence. After cleansing and applying the brightening lotion or toner, have 2 or 3 drops of the brightening essence on the palm and gently massage on the face and neck then followed by the whitening peel pen and moisturizer. You can use it twice a day, day and night.

philosophy Brighten My Day Expert Dark Spot and Pore Whitening Peel Pen

Review: philosophy Brighten My Day Expert Dark Spot and Pore Whitening Peel Pen, RM165 for 4.5ml

It says that is a targeted high-performance solution visibly brightens skin pigmentation, helps exfoliate skin and make dark spots and enlarged pores look less visible day after day. With philosophy’s 10..3.3 brightening and perfecting complex, along with glycolic acid, a gold standard ingredient in peeling procedures, for enhanced efficacy to inspire radiantly bright, more even and beautiful skin. Dark spots are less visible and pores are refined; skin becomes brighter and more radiant after 4 weeks of daily use.

I tried it, my pigmentations became lighter but not like totally diminish. I only use it in a certain area like my cheek which has some stubborn dark spots. It not easy to reduce dark spots even this pen can only make it lighter. However, there is no major skin peeling even though it says ‘peel pen’ I guess it just mild peeling. This product works gently on my skin.

philosophy Brighten My Day Expert Dark Spot and Pore Whitening Peel Pen

The pen is easy to use, open the cap and press the silver button. The fluid will release on the applicator and apply it on the dark spots. The texture is a milky yellowish colour.
Overall the philosophy Brighten My Day skincare range helps to brighten and even out the skin tone without causing any redness or drying. The result is gradual. The product is mild and suitable for all skin type.

philosophy is available at Sephora outlets. For more information about philosophy Brighten My Day skincare range, please visit philosophy Malaysia Facebook Page at


  1. Really simple and easy to use :)

  2. It's good to read a review on this line. I've been searching for a review, but have only found press releases everywhere.


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