Do Son Diptyque edt

Do Son, Diptyque edt, diptyque fragrance, diptyque

Do Son Diptyque edt was created in 2005 by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin Haiphong and the port of Do Son. To escape the humidity of the climate, Yves Coueslant’s father built a pagoda on the banks of the Bay of Along, where the trade winds brush through the flowers. Do Son is a vibrant and delicate tribute, inspired by the smell of his mother’s perfume, mixed with the light breeze and flowers of Indochina.

Do Son is a very contrasting eau de toilette, exhaling the intoxicating voluptuousness of tuberose, his mother’s favourite flower: cây hoa huê in Vietnamese. Half flower half plant, it seems virginal and innocent, draped in its immaculate white robe, but transforms into a superb enchantress at dusk, when its perfume is intoxicating. 

Do Son, Diptyque edt, diptyque fragrance, diptyque

Its honeyed, floral accents blend perfectly with those of Turkish rose and jasmine Sambac, a subtle green note adding a sparkling dash of fresh citrus. Joyful, energetic pink peppercorns add freshness and moisture, to stop the tuberose flowers – offered at temples by his mother – from wilting.

A rich, deep, tenderly voluptuous scent, prolonged by notes of benzoin and iris and soothed by gently milky white musk. Do Son, mysterious tuberose in the midst of berries and flowers.

Do Son Diptyque edt Price:
EDT 50ml – RM330
EDT 100ml, RM419

Do Son Diptyque edt at:
Diptyque Pavilion, Level 3, Fashion Avenue, Pavilion KL
KENS apothecary Bangsar Village II
KENS apothecary One Utama
KENS Bangsar Shopping Centre
Isetan KLCC

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