Max & Co. Sunny Day Shades

Max & Co. Sunny Day Shades, Max & Co, Sunglasses

Feeling so summer with Max & Co. Sunny Day Shades. The project shines the spotlight on the world of fashion, starring three world-renowned fashion bloggers: Italian - Erika Boldrin from, Brazilian - Caroline Celico from and Russian - Maria Kolosova from, will interpret the three exclusive MAX & Co. eyewear models according to their own unique style.

The new video, "It's all about sunny day shades!" is tinged with bright, lively colours recalling the collection's vibrant palette and conveys energy and glamour to perfectly reflect the new eyewear models' dynamic personality. The MAX & Co. Spring Summer 2014 eyewear collection embodies the brand's fashionable attitude, reinterpreting past inspirations and new trends to create a unique and original style.

The new sunglasses collection is designed for women who want to astonish and be astonished, viewing the world from behind their glasses and always being in the spotlight.

Are you ready to be in the spotlight this summer?
Or ready to be in the sunlight?


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