agnes b. Fall Winter 2014 Bijoux Collection

agnes b. Fall Winter 2014 Bijoux Collection, agnes b., Fall Winter 2014, Bijoux Collection, Accessories

In Autumn / Winter 2014, agnes b. BIJOUX celebrates the beauty of simplicity and effortless chic.  While thin ring and slim bangle make up your core accessory style, the timeless b. logo continues to surprise you with freestyle forms. 

The men’s cufflinks offer a myriad of playful patterns to spice up every business attire.  Indulge yourself in the very French design of necklace, bracelet, earrings, pendants, rings, cufflinks and tie clips at agnès b. BIJOUX.

Seasonal Series (Silver)
On a necklace, two different ring pendants stand out. On a ring, two different design approaches are obvious. Crafted in 925 sterling silver, Dual Link plays with two opposite forces. The delicate setting of Swarovski crystals adds sophistication and luxury to this series.For the first time, the “point d’ ironie” motif evolves into an open bangle in Umbra. Crafted in 925 sterling silver, the collection celebrates the beauty of organic silhouette with effortless manipulation of shape and form.

Seasonal Series (Non-silver)
Since its debut last season, b. b. has become a signature motif of agnès b. BIJOUX. This season, its lovely silhouette is stamped on a petite coin pendant. An attention to details is seen on the two tone combination of this collection which comprises necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Another interpretation is a 3D b. b. pendant set with clear Swarovski Zirconia. Inspired by the classic padlock, Bolt features a mini heart padlock adorned with beads. Worn as a two-way necklace and bracelet, a rose Swarovski crystal perfectly matches with the rose gold plating. Offerings include necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings.

A b. logo key unlocks your heart with Emotional Touch. Adding a twist to the emblematic logo, this heart-shape key pendant reinterprets the silhouette of a key. A feminine yet understated piece.
Playing with star and heart shapes, Iconique is a series of bold ear studs engraved with b. logo. The left and right ear studs make up a complete star or heart.

Cadenas is a clean and streamlined series designed as a daily accessory for men. A petit ring and “b. Homme” logo tag make up a double pendant. Complementing the series is an open-end bangle with embossed block letters of agnès b.

Cufflinks come in all shapes and patterns. The classic stripe pattern is re-invented as looming stripes (as in Stripy) and illusionary stripes (as in Mirage). A touch of black paint enhances the visual impact of classic cufflinks in Mystery. For those who are fond of monograms, a series of cushion shape cufflinks is inspired by the chocolates of agnès b. Delices is tempting. For those who think out of the box, the rugged silhouettes of Boulder experiment with forms and facets.

Iconic - to make your own bijoux statement, Ring Ring offers thirteen thin ring designs to improvise your personal ring style. Stacking up or standalone, these rings feature various centre pieces, crystal setting and finishings. Rose gold, 9K gold and rhodim plating offer infinite options of mix and match. From a classic ring to bling bling Swarovski crystals, these rings tell a story about you.

Another iconic series is a range of slim bangles with thoughtful and understated design elements. Every slim bangle is a free-style stroke writing a message of b. Love. The classic b. logo is extended to become a slim bangle while brilliant-cut clear Swarovski crystals brighten up a timeless bangle setting.

In Le Pois, playful polka dots dance like bubbles on a classic bangle and ring. Set with clear Swarovski crystals, a starry and glittery edge is bestowed.

The best-selling b. message enamel bangles adopt a colour block approach this season with three bi-colour enamel options to choose from. Adorned with b. logo, these colour block bangles spice up your winter wardrobe.

Bag Charms & Key Chain - when it comes to bag charm and key chain, the timeless b. logo experiments with colours in various ways. From colourful plating and enamel to colourful Swarovski crystals, b. logo is dressed in countless coats.

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