Korean Drama Series: Temptation

Korean Drama Series: Temptation, Kwong Sang Won, Choi Ji Woo,

OMG! Kwong Sang Won & Choi Ji Woo both are my favourite Korean super stars… This is love & family emotional story. I hope I can my tahan my tears for this, as you know watching Korean Drama makes my eyes swollen coz i cried too much. Temptation reunites co-stars Kwong Sang Won and Choi Ji Woo, 11 years after their first drama together in “Stairway To Heaven” which shot both of them to stardom. Temptation is the story of a married man buried in debt who trades his body for money to redeem himself.

This is the highly anticipated blockbuster drama stars Kwon Sang Woo (King of Ambition) as Cha Suk Hoon, a na├»ve man who grew up a rural village in Gangwon Province. His intellect gets him into the country’s top university despite his family’s economic plight and he takes on all sorts of part-time jobs from quick services to construction work in order to earn his tuition.

He then meets Na Hong Joo, a girl also from a poor family. Hong Joo is resigned to a miserable existence, until Suk Hoon brings happiness and hope into her life. They get married, and Hong Joo is a calm and understanding wife, always the first to sacrifice and make concessions. However, Suk Hoon finds himself plunged into massive debt.

Yoo Se Young is a cheobol (refers to South Korean form of business conglomerate) heiress, trained to take over her father’s company from a young age. Called a “woman of iron” she is a workaholic and a headstrong leader and has no interest in love or marriage. One of her family friends is rich playboy, Kang Min Woo, who unsuccenessfully tried to seduce her in the past. Min Woo has everything he could ever want and approaches life with the philosophy that you should have a hundred different faces for a hundred different women. He got married only because it was a requirement for his inheritance.

While on a business trip to Hong Kong, Se Young meets the happily married Suk Hoon and Hong Joo, and makes them a dangerous offer. In exchange for paying off Suk Hoon’s debts she demands total submission from him and “ownership” of his body.

For the sake of his wife and child, Suk Hoon makes a crucial choice and takes the deal. But his strange relationship with Se Young soon jeopardizes his marriage, while Min Woo sincerely starts to change upon meeting and falling for Hong Joo. Suk Hoon has no idea that his deal with the devil will lead to a series of unexpected consequences. Will he be able to overcome them?

Cast: Kwon Sang Woo, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jung Shin

Director: Park Young Soo

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