Soothing “Thong Shui” or Dessert for Mummy

 White fungus, sea coconut, ginseng root and rock sugar
This is the thong shui or dessert I cooked for for my mum and family today
It is good for throat soothing, heat repealing and we like it chilled
Nice to eat on a hot weather like this during afternoon tea time at home

This morning I tried to cook breakfast but end up the maid come to rescue hmm… 
So this is my small token for mummy and family. 
Thanks to the slow cooker hehehe…  

I know this is nothing to shout about but at least something small and meaningful for mum and the family. Even making a cup of milo, tea or her favorite drink for her will 
also melts her heart and put a smile on her face. 

Enjoy your sunday :)

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