Crocs Melbourne Flower in Guangzhou, China

 Waiting for Metro at Pazhou

As mentioned, two weeks ago in April I was in GuangzhouChina for about a week. As usual, in China I have to walk a lot, take their Metro (MRT), go to exhibition center and explore the street and shopping. Sometimes it is better to take Metro than get a taxi or wait for our Chinese colleagues to pick us up because just it is faster to take Metro but have to bear with the crowds and walk. In Guangzhou cities every hour is peak hour, everywhere crowded even in the toilet areas... lol. I think I walked from like 9 o’clock in the morning till 9pm on the day I visited the Canton trade fair.

At Canton Trade Fair 
I walked the whole day but still not able to finish the whole exhibition

Lucky that I have this Crocs shoes with me. It makes my day because after the whole day of walking and standing I survived and can still feel my legs… lol I usually like to wear my Crocs Red Hover Lace-up Canvas shoes but this time I decided to slip on this Crocs Melbourne Flower (lapis/oyster) shoes.

Crocs Melbourne Flower (lapis/oyster) 

It is easy to slip on and take of. I like the can canvas material, its soft and flexible. The casual look and light blue flowers looks feminine and relaxed at the same time stylish. It is the perfect combination of sophistication and comfort shoe for the streets.

I can walked quite fast like the Chinese, thanks to the comfortable croslite™ material sole which is super lightweight.

We were at Food Street Restaurant for dim sum and kwan tung food
Shunde cuisine is still my favorite :) 

While waiting for check out at China Hotel, Guangzhou
I managed to get my colleague help me to take this picture... lol 

Exploring some street food in Foshan province   

Foshan is about an hour from Guangzhou city. You can go there by road, boat, metro or train. Actually Foshan is the hometown of Wong Fei Hung, the kung-fu hero which we always watched in the movies. Maybe I can go there to learn Wing Chun kung-fu as self protection or some chinese traditional medicine at Poh Chi Lam... lol

Later i will post about the largest Underground Wholesale Center of Asia in Guangzhou, China

Till then let see where am I going this month... 


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