Product Review: Scinic O2 Ex Sun Powder From Korea


Product Description: SCINIC O2 Ex Sun Powder SPF26/PA+ is an UV Protecting Oxygen Sun Powder. It has excellent adhesiveness, matte finishing, sebum control, smoothing pores and portable. A convenient UV protection in powder type.

Reviews: I can use it Anytime, Anywhere and its Easy to use... so convenient and portable with powder puff included. With excellent coverage, long lasting, superior adhering effect, matte finishing, sebum control and smoothing pores once apply protects skin from UV-rays for 6 hours. Skin appears flawless and matte.

5-seed Complex BSW (Botanical Seed Water) and 5-Eco Oil Complex BSO (Botanical Seed Oil) make skin healthy with natural glow and radiant. Pine Tree Bud Pine Cone Extract helps to reduce blemishes with skin purification and soothing effect. Pine Tree Bud Pine Cone Extract with Vitamin A, C & K helps to brighten and purify the skin.

The Sebum catch powder helps to control the excessive oil production, especially around T-Zone and also it has pore covering effect. The finishing makeup looks smooth, matte and lasting. No more oily skin that will smear my makeup. I am glad that it contains no artificial scent too because my skin is sensitive to fragrance.


1. Shake the bottle up and down 2-3 times
2. Open the cap
3. Push the button of the cap down, the inside puff down
4. Gauge the proper amount of powder and apply to the whole face accordingly
5. Push the button of the cap again, the inside puff will back to its original

Texture: Soft and velvety feel after application.

Color: Light peach

Country of Origin: Korea

Content: 7.5g

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