Swiss Line Water Shock Soothing Lotion Review

I have dry and dehydrated skin so this Swiss Line Water Shock range is suitable range for me to replenish my lost of skin hydration. Water Shock range is also paraben-free, silicon-free and allergen-free.

Swiss Line Water Shock Soothing Lotion contains:
Prickly Pear Extract: the pulp of the Prickly Pear fruits, rich in carbohydrates and flavonoids, soothes, reduces redness, and protects fragile or congested skin.

Watercress Extract: rich in Sulforaphane, Watercress extract helps to detoxify the skin while regulating moisture balance and producing a purified, glowing healthy complexion.

NMF Complex: comprised of different plant-based ingredients, NMF Complex replicates the skin’s own Natural Moisturizing Factor and boosts the water retention in the epidermis.

Alpine “Wild Water: this skin-friendly water contains precious minerals like Calcium and Magnesium which strengthen and boost skin’s metabolism while detoxifying it.  The pure, clean Swiss Alpine ”Wild Water” is ideal for all skin types.

Review: I am still using the Swiss Line Cell Shock Total Resurface Emulsion SPF15 every morning. Now I am combining it with the Water Shock Comforting Emulsion Cleanser and Soothing Lotion. This Soothing Lotion will not dry or cause irritation to my skin because it is an alcohol free. It is suitable for all skin types especially dehydrated skin but not suitable for oily skin. After each application, I can feel the soothing and smoothing effect on my skin. It act as toner to the skin and also helps removing the remaining residues or traces of make-up on the face and neck.   

Last week after I got back from trip, my skin really look dull and congested. So I decided to go for facial at the salon. My beautician did a thorough extraction for me. Most of the impurities on my face were gone but it leaves red marks especially on my nose and chin areas after the facial. I pour Soothing Lotion on the cotton pad and leave it for a few second on my nose and chin. I can feel the soothing/calming and the redness reduce.   

This simple and light packaging makes it easy for travelling. I would prefer a sprayer so that I could spray on the cotton pad then wipe on the face or spray direct on my face for instant soothing effect.  

Usage: Pour about the size of 50 cents on cotton pad. Gently wipe the whole face and neck with upward motion.

Packaging: Simple, matte translucent and soft plastic bottle with click open and close cap.

Texture: Water based

Color: Very light peach

Origin: Switzerland

Content: 160ml


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