Review: Vibrance Kegel Device by Bioinfinity Support Kegel Exercises

Happy Sunday! Last week I was in China, I walked a lot and running around some provinces. Now I am back to my nest (yahoo!) but not feeling that well at the moment… cough and sore throat due to the bad weather ~ heat. So this Sunday I decide to just chill at home, spend time with family, watch DVDs, blog and maybe cook simple dinner later…

This weekend I would like to share with you girls a device that might or will change your life. What is that??? Hehehe…. Remember last month I blogged about this Kegel Exercise Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor MusclesWe can do Kegel exercises anytime and everywhere we want. You can read more about the benefits of Kegel exercises and the wonder of VKD in my post as well.

Yes I have been practicing Kegel exercises with the guidance of Vibrance Kegel Device (VKD). What is VKD? VKD is a medical device accredited ISO 13485 and C.E mark to support Kegel exercises. VKD incorporates preprogrammed audio guided interval feature and vibration guided Kegel exercise routines that are able to gauge and ensure 100% accuracy when it comes to exercising the correct muscles.  

I usually do my Kegel exercises whenever I stuck in the jam, working, surfing, reading magazine and etc... So it has becomes a regular exercise for me that I don’t feel it like a chores or need to set schedule for it. I used my VKD while doing Kegel exercises usually at night or on weekends when I am at home. The first two week I use the VKD with the automatic sound guided. Contract the Pelvic Floor muscles upon hearing the beep and relax when the beeping ceases. After that I began to grasp the momentum and can do without the sound beeping sound effect.

After a month of practicing Kegel exercises and ensuring I workout my correct pelvic floor muscle with the help of VKD, I feel happier. Not only my pelvic floor muscle strengthens, tightens, blood circulation improves but also many improvements. After two weeks, I find that my bowel movements improves, I go to toilet more regularly every morning. This helps me to detox and maintaining my weight. After four weeks of regular Kegel exercise I feel that my tummy and inner thighs not so flabby anymore. Period pain also reduced, I don’t have to face severe PMS problem until I need to take mc and eat medicine.

A better blood circulation actually improves my energy level and also skin radiance. I don’t feel tired easily maybe because I exercise more… lol. It gives me more self-esteem and confidence as women. A stronger pelvic floor muscle enhances the quality of my life, relationship and health. I am happier now.

The VKD is user friendly. It is compact, lightweight and easy to store. 

Apply the Vibrance Lubricant generously on Medical Grade Silicone Rubber Sheath of the VKD before using the device to perform the Kegel exercises. 

Use the the Vibrance Cleanser to clean the Medical Grade Silicone Rubber sheath of the VKD after using the device. Rinse thoroughly with running water.

Ensuring we exercise the right muscle is important. That is why I find that this VKD is very user friendly and good way to make sure I did my Kegel exercise correctly. Keep in mind when you Kegel that all your focus should be on those pelvic muscles — and not any others. If you feel your stomach tensing or your thighs or buttocks contracting, your pelvics aren’t getting their full workout. I think every women should Kegel exercise especially to those women who has gave birth.

Kegel exercise gives me more than health reasons to do it… when you practice this exercise regularly you will know and experience the benefits in your life…

There are many benefits of doing Kegel exercises

The VKD set (comes With The Vibrance Lubricant & Vibrance Cleanser) selling price is RM498 per unit. You can purchase via online from Bioinfinity Website here or purchase at SHINS outlets or at major hospitals.

VKD Customer Care Line 1700-81-0321

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Kepong, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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  1. Kegel exercise is one of the best exercise. Especially this exercise is better for women.I appreciate this exercise for my wife, cool Dave.

  2. where to get tis thing in kuching?

    1. Hi you can contact VKD Customer Care Line 1700-81-0321, Tel No: +03 - 6273 3068or email to Boinfinity (M) Sdn Bhd at


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