Skin Food Good Afternoon BB Cream Tea Party at Tea Salon, Harrods KLCC, KL

On 24th Feb I was invited by Skin Food Malaysia to their Good Afternoon BB Cream Tea Party and Launch at Tea Salon, Harrods KLCC, KL. 

It was a lovely, tranquil and cozy Friday afternoon tea party for ladies. I have a great time savoring the delicious scones, pastries and tea by Harrods at the same time learning new products from Skin Food. It was a nice chatting with all the friendly Skin Food team members, friends and meeting new friends too.

I love the Tea Salon at Harrods KLCC. It has the nice view overlooking KLCC park and provides a relaxing environment in to dine or take a relaxing traditional English afternoon tea. The walls of the salon are adorned with framed memories and iconic images from Harrods illustrious history.

Nice and cozy ambience

Skin Food is introducing and launching their Good Afternoon BB Cream. Along with the Tea Party there are several activities such as make up demo, products testing and sharing, question and answers session, games and best dress.  

Delicious Afternoon Tea Set at The Tea Salon, Harrods KLCC, KL

Make-Up Demo Session

Before and After 

Make-Up Demo 

Make-up Artists and their models

These are the make-up items for the demo

Friendly Bernice with SKINFOOD 5 Good Afternoon BB Cream Sample

Skin Food introduces their 5 Good Afternoon BB Cream which contains skin-beneficial tea extracts. Each BB cream adds a different feel and glow to your skin.

These Good Afternoon BB Cream, containing soft-focus blooming powder and oil-absorbing powder, help to maintain bright makeup looks all day long while providing daily sun protection and good coverage for uneven complexions. Their textures range from illuminating to matte for different skin types and different makeup looks.

5 Good Afternoon BB Cream


SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB SPF 20 PA+ (30g/RM38.90) contains moisturizing honey and skin-firming red tea extract to keep skin soft and glowing.


SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB SPF 20 PA+ (30g/RM38.90) contains vitamin-rich peach and oil-controlling green tea, promoting a fresh matte complexion all day long.

SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB SPF 20 PA+ (30g/RM38.90) contains revitalizing rose and hydrating lemon tea for a firm, dewy complexion.

SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Apple Cinnamon Tea BB SPF 36 PA+ (30g/RM38.90) contains skin-brightening apple and detoxifying cinnamon tea along with clinically proven skin lighteners to promote a bright complexion with a subtle glow.

SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Berry Tea BB SPF 35 PA+ (30g/RM38.90) contains the anti-aging superfood, acai berry, and raspberry tea along with clinically proven wrinkle smootheners to keep skin smooth and firm.

I have chosen this SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Apple Cinnamon Tea BB Cream


DescriptionWith Sunscreen and whitening effect. Long-lasting BB Cream that helps maintains bright morning skin throughout the day without darkening or smudging. A  brightening BB Cream that re-illuminates skin with apple extract and detoxifies impurities with cinnamon, promoting a more even and brighter skin tone. Try Skin Food Good Afternoon BB Cream Line. Infused with skin-revitalizing afternoon teas, it helps you keep a bright, vibrant skin tone all day.

UsageApply an even layer to skin in gentle patting motions. 

SKINFOOD Gold Kiwi Range 
Product Trying & Sharing Session  

SKINFOOD Gold Kiwi product range is best for moisture, hydration and whitening. 

Love the SKINFOOD Gold Kiwi range, Honey Red Orange Mask and Ginseng Mask 

Everyone is busy trying out and learning about the Gold Kiwi product range

The Three Best Dressed Ladies

Group Photo

Thanks to Skin Food for organizing such a lovely tea party

For more information please login to Skin Food Malaysia Facebook


  1. I wanna try peach green tea! How does it smell? ^^
    xoxo elle

    1. hi Elle,

      its mild & quite soothing

      Sunshine Kelly


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