In Pursuit of Happiness: My First Ukulele from Mama Treble Clef Studio

Year 2012, I seem to be a little bit over ambitious not only I’m in the process of learning mandarin, at the same time I also start to pick up music. Wah lau eh!!!! I ask myself “you got time meh?” errr… not sure “just go with the flow ~ be spontaneous” who know I might end up “be superstar” ish ish ish miss sunshine is #dreaming again...

Share with you my motivation tagline for myself ~ A Chinese Character A Day, Keep The Banana Kelly Away. Ha ha ha hope that I am persistence enough to wade through thousands of Chinese characters.

And now I have a new pursuit of happiness. Yay!!! In order to craft out the creativity within, hmmm…. not sure I have creative or artistic genes or not. Well never mind, I think I will start to learn 1 new music instrument this year. So it takes me a while to think and decide what actually I want... piano, violin, guitar, erhu, drum, etc etc etc… At last I come to a conclusion of choosing something which I can practice easily, carry where ever I move and also not too heavy investment because I am still at searching stage. So the answer is… ukulele.

Tadah!!!! This is my new Ukulele Concert which I bought from Mama Treble Clef Studio. Thanks to a lovely friend “Inside Box” (a mysterious lady) who recommended me to this link and from there I found Mama Treble.

Specifications: Rosewood fingerboard, nylon string and limited edition. 

I am very happy and satisfied with my ukulele and also Mama Treble customer service. The sales personnel follow up very closely and give me a good deal. Besides this, I also bought another Ukulele Soprano for my niece, the Doreamon Ukelele is so irresistible and adorable. She’s loving it to the maxxxx and she told me she practice every night before she goes to sleep ~ so sweet.

Specifications: Laminated spruce, rosewood fingerboard, nylon string, and limited edition. 

A brief intro about ukulele, is in the family of stringed instruments and looks like a small, four-stringed version of a guitar. The ukulele, or “uke”, is tuned and played just like a guitar, with tuning going from the top string to the bottom string using G C E and A on the piano, though the ukulele is usually tuned an octave higher than the guitar. The ukulele comes in four types, or sizes: the soprano, the concert ukulele, the tenor, and the baritone. The ukulele has long been associated with Hawaii, but its origins were actually in Portugal.

Now, I am learning how to play ukulele myself, perhaps I should to sign up some short courses or classes with Mama Treble to perfected my skills. Aisehhh perfected my skills, I sound like a pro ahemmm.

Mama Treble Clef Studio is a music school, music store, recording studio, events management and production house as well as a restaurant all in one. They mainly supply and export musical instruments throughout Malaysia. Besides, they also distribute all kinds of musical instruments and accessories like tuners, guitars, violins, flutes, saxophones, amplifiers, bags and other related items. Mama Treble is the official dealers for brands such as Suzuki Wind Instruments, Fzone Tuners, Intelli Tuners, JodyJazz Mouthpieces, Boulder Creek Guitars, Artec Amplifiers, Jaxville Guitars, Chord Guitars, Squier, Rockwind Bags, Yamaha Instruments, Rock You, Super-Sensitive and many more. 

Mama Treble Clef Studio 
Lot 3101, 3rd Floor, Endah Parade,
Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9543 2201

For more information please check Mama Treble Clef Studio 


  1. all the best kelly. u can do it! :) the ukelele is cute.

    1. thanks Devi, will do my best. hope your dream come true :D

  2. ukelele is adorable. hmmm won;t playing it kinda ruin your nails like many guitarist and violionist?

    1. thanks missyblurkit. i don't really keep long finger nails :)


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