Refresh Your Day with Baskin-Robbins’ New Yogurt Smoothies

I was ‘Berrified’ by Baskin-Robbins’ new Mixed Berries Yogurt Smoothies on 2012 leap day morning. That wakes me up and makes my day… I was refreshed and revived yuhuuu. What a great way to spark my leap day. I could never had enough of those smoothiesssss… can I have me more smoothies and ice-creams pleaseee :-)

Baskin-Robbins’ new and refreshing Yogurt Smoothies, made with fruit concentrates and frozen yogurt that contains live and active cultures. Baskin-Robbins, the ultimate indulgence, now introduces new Yogurt Smoothies, perfect for the youthful active and healthy lifestyle. The smoothies are the perfect on the go beverage.

The new beverage is available in four different flavors – Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Mango and Mixed Berries – each concocted to tantalize your taste buds. These flavors are blended with frozen yogurt for true smoothie goodness. The moment you take a sip, the sweetness of the concentrate made with real fruit immediately fills the palate, leaving a pleasurable aroma to savor. The tanginess and fulfilling flavor in each drink will perk you up almost instantly, awakening your senses. But ultimately, these harmonious flavor combinations will rejuvenate and quench your thirst, giving you a fruity way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

 Let's Play Games: Guess what is the flavors - blind fold? 

Zara trying to guess... lol

Guess? Mine is banana, strawberry and blackberry. 
Correct yahoo! It was fun :-)

  Yayyyy we got Baskin-Robbins' voucher :-)    

My favorite among the four flavors is Mango! I like the thickness and soothing feels after every sip. Well, Mixed Berries is also great, it gives me a little bit more dash. I am making a “BRight Chioce” with Baskin-Robbins’ yogurt smoothies. Taste yummy and great for my health too because its packed with live active cultures and fruits.

With the presence of live and active cultures (Streptococcus Thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus) in these delightful smoothies, the health benefits are aplenty. Not only do they prevent gastrointestinal infections, live and active cultures are known to boost the immune system, reduce cholesterol, fight certain types of cancer and prevent osteoporosis. Additionally, the live and active cultures found in yogurt break down lactose in milk, which allow individuals who are mild lactose intolerant to truly enjoy and receive nutrients contained in milk products without the side effects.

The new Yogurt Smoothies also make satisfying snacks for those leading busy lifestyles. When you are constantly on-the-go, a Baskin-Robbins Yogurt Smoothie can fill you up and keep you running until your next meal. Each delicious Yogurt Smoothie is priced at RM16 for a regular size and RM12 for small size. All smoothies are subject to 6% government service tax.

As International Women’s Day on 8 March 2012, Baskin-Robbins aims to celebrate, commemorate and salute women for their achievements and contributions. For this, Baskin-Robbins is offering every female a "BRight Choices" voucher upon the purchase of any Yogurt Smoothie. 


The voucher entitles each female customer the ability to size up from a junior to a regular scoop in their next purchase of any Baskin-Robbins BRight Choices® flavor, which includes frozen yogurts, reduced fat and no sugar added ice creams. The offer is valid at all Baskin-Robbins stores throughout Malaysia from 1 March 2012 to 30 April 2012. Customers are advised to present the voucher before ordering. Not valid with other credit card or loyalty card privileges.


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