AXE Launched Anarchy for HIM and for HER ~ Uncontrollable Attraction

Time has past so fast, I still remembered two years ago AXE launched their Deodorant Bodyspray since then the men was empowered with the “AXE Effect”. Now, march 1st, AXE is making another history again with their new launch of Anarchy - an irresistible fragrance For Him, and a limited-edition matching fragrance For Her.

Fragrance is an important element of sparking desirable connection between guys and girls. AXE works with some of the world’s most experienced perfumers, responsible for countless fine fragrances around the world, to develop every scent. Anarchy is created by the world’s renowned fragrance designer, Ann Gottlieb. Gottlieb has more than 25 years of experience and has designed many best-selling fragrances for brands such as Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. The launch of the first-ever bodyspray For Him and For Her was inspired by the chemistry shared between guys and girls and their passion for the brand.

Anarchy For Him and For Her are both appealing, fun smells that start with fruity top notes – For Her evolves into a soft floral with a light finish, while For Him evokes a rich oriental heart.  

The emcees 

Ray Guinoo, Marketing Manager for Deodoarant & Skin Care, Unilever Malaysia

Ray and Siti Suhaila Abd Hamid, the Assistant Brand Manager for AXE

  Dr. Sasha seeking help to retrieve the 1,000 experimental cans of AXE Anarchy

Started to get...

Uncontrollable attraction 

Speaking at the spellbinding event filled with thriller, passion and intensity, Ray Guinoo, the Marketing Manager for Deodorant and Skin Care, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd, said, “The launch of Anarchy For Him and For Her presents a revolution for the AXE fragrance collection. We know guys love the smell of AXE and the confidence and the edge it gives them, and our success is, in part, due to the way girls have also embraced the brand.”

“With Anarchy, AXE is bringing the AXE Effect to a new high. We believe it will alter the way guys and girls connect with each other once the fragrance takes over. The AXE brand is rooted in more than just grooming products; the brand is a part of the unique lifestyle of its loyal fans, and it’s those unique experiences and moments of attraction that Anarchy was created for.”

WOOTZ!!! Miss Sunshine & Dr.Sasha

AXE Anarchy For Him and For Her are available at all leading retail pharmacies and supermarkets, priced at RM 16.90 each

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  1. Really love the campaign for Axe Anarchy... Would be interested to know where the print ads were displayed?


    1. hi Vanessa, i am not sure about the print ads. probably could see them in the lifestyles or entertainment magazines


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