Look Up To 10 Years Younger With Anew Genics

Have you ever wondered why some women never seem to age? 
Maybe it’s in their genes; maybe it’s in yours.

Many residents in Cheras visited the “Look Up to 10 years younger” promotion event by AVON at Cheras Leisure Mall last weekend. Many were amazed by this technology breakthrough products and discover how genes in them could be activated.

Anew, the world’s pioneer skin anti-aging line by Avon has discovered a breakthrough skincare technology that taps into the youth gene in every person to instantly unveil a younger-looking skin. Inspired by the youth gene science, Avon unveils ANEW GENICS – a skincare miracle that makes the skin look up to 10 years younger!

The ANEW GENICS promotion event was hosted by popular MY FM radio DJ, Mei Yan and Jeff who attracted many of their fans. Meanwhile, Ms World Malaysia, Soo Wincci was the special guest at the event; to share her testimonial using ANEW Genics. “I met with an accident 2 months back and a scar was left on my neck. Being a model who needs to attend photoshoot almost everyday, I was troubled over the scars. However, thanks to ANEW GENICS, the scars is gone now!” said Wincci happily. Wincci also performed 2 latest songs in her album.

Besides the product introduction, AVON also took the opportunity to carry out its Social Responsibility by providing free clinical breast check and Kiss Goodbye to Breast cancer awareness to all shoppers. It was a collaboration with Pantai hospital Kuala Lumpur, KPJ hospital and LPPKN.

Inspired by a research study from Italy revealing that some people can live longer and healthier because of an active youth gene, Avon scientists developed a formula that increases this gene’s activity inside the body. In turn, this boosts proteins to help skin looking up to 10 years younger and more revitalized. The youth gene also aids in repairing and protecting the DNA to ensure that skin cells are functioning at their best.

Found in Anew Genics is the YouthGen™ technology that unleashes the skin’s youth potential stimulating the youth gene. The effect? Dramatically younger-looking skin – up to 10 years! Based on a test conducted among users aged between 45 and 59, results proved that Anew Genics can soften expression lines instantly, reduce the appearance of wrinkles overnight and make skin visibly look younger and greatly revitalized in just 8 weeks.

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