Astalift White Bright Lotion

Astalift White Bright Lotion

Women start to notice that they no longer look good with bright-colored clothes and eye shadows because of dull skin the age of 30 and above. The Astalift White Bright Lotion targets both the epidermis and the layer beneath, the dermis, to not only combat temporal issues but to prevent progressive skin dullness that is caused by age.

Astalift White Bright Lotion
Astalift White Bright Lotion

The lotion texture is fluid and in light orange color because it contains astaxanthin. When apply on the skin it has a mild cooling sensation with damask rose scent which considered as the noblest variety of roses, makes for an elegant skincare experience.

Astalift White Bright Lotion
The Texture & Color: Astalift White Bright Lotion, 130ml 

Astalift White Bright Lotion contain effective skin brightening ingredients such as arbutin which creates translucent skin with glow but also the composite ingredient Nano AMA+ combined ferulic acid, a type if polyphenol derived from rice bran.

Whitening products enhance skin's clarity and treat specific concerns such as dark spots or uneven skin tone. They are safe and effective if you use them properly. Protection from the UV rays through proper sun care is a must as some whitening products have exfoliating action to encourage melanin turnover. Select the right UV care to pair with them.

Price: Astalift White Bright Lotion, 130ml @ RM167.48

Availability: Astalift is available at Isetan KLCC, Isetan 1Utama and Isetan The Gardens

For more information about Astalift White Bright Lotion, please visit Astalift  Malaysia Facebook and Website

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  1. Thanks for the review! I feel like trying it! I just Love ferulic acid and my heart bits more towards Astalift these days ;) I revieved they're astaxhanthin line just today! ����


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