Trendy Gel Nail Ideas You Need to Try

Gel nails have been one of the hottest trends in the beauty world for a long time now. Although many people still associate them with a solid color, there are thousands of gel nail ideas that you can try.

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Gel nail polish is an excellent choice as it can be used on all types of nail shapes and lengths. Whether you are more fond of a natural look with natural nail length and an oval shape or you like to add an extra length and square shape with acrylic nails, gel nail polish will help you achieve your desired look.

If you haven’t yet tried gel nail designs, or have run out of ideas, don’t worry. We’ll go through the best gel manicure ideas for both short and long nails, and you’ll surely find an idea that will fit perfectly into your personal style.

Long gel nail ideas

Ombre gel nails

Ombre nail design has been conquering social media feeds for the past few months. They are manicures where two or more shades gradually flow into each other, creating a smooth gradient. As a result, you can get beautiful designs, like, for example, a sunset or an ocean.

Ombre nails look especially great on longer nails or when you add extensions to your nails. Moreover, you can also spice them up with some sparkle designs or pearls.

Nail art designs

Another great idea for long gel nails is trying nail art designs. In fact, there are so many different and fabulous nail art looks that it would be a waste not to try them if you have long nails.

If you haven’t tried nail art, you can find many inspirations on the Internet, but a reliable nail technician can also recommend the trendiest ones. They can range from minimalistic to eye-catching designs, so you will surely find the best option for you.

French manicure with rhinestones

Although a French manicure may seem cliche, enhancing it with a few rhinestones can make it more interesting. It will still look classy, but refreshing as well.

Short gel nail ideas

A colorful French manicure

When it comes to short nails, a colorful French manicure for gel nails is an eye-catching but also lovely gel nail idea.

For these nails, you can try a bunch of different gel nail polishes for the tips of your nails and also your favorite base coat color. You can let your imagination run wild and try out many options until you find the perfect one for you.

Abstract nail designs

Abstract manicures have also been popular lately, and they also look perfectly on short nails done with gel nail polish.

Similar to nail art designs, the possibilities of abstract nail designs are endless. This type of nail art is fully open to interpretation and can be a soothing point of interest for your personal style.

Gold gel nails

Finally, another great short gel nail idea is a gold metallic nail design. Although using gold or silver on your manicure is not intuitive at first, it can create gorgeous manicures that will emphasize your style.

All in all, there are numerous gel nail ideas that you can try to enhance your next gel manicure. Whether you prefer long or short nails, there are always many possibilities to make your gel nails look absolutely gorgeous and fit your style.

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