5 Warning Signs of Truck Suspension Problems

You rely heavily on your suspension working properly to maintain a good level of control over your truck’s steering and to enjoy a smooth drive across different terrain.

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If you commit to fitting top automann parts and other quality heavy-duty options you should improve the performance and reliability of your truck. However, you still need to be vigilant and look out for any potential signs of problems, such as pointers to a possible issue with your suspension. 

Is your truck struggling to keep straight? 

One of the signs that your suspension system might not be right would be when you notice that your truck is pulling to one side and you have to keep correcting the problem. 

This problem could be related to either your suspension, or it could be that your tires or brakes need looking at. Either way, get your truck checked as soon as possible if it is pulling to one side. 

Suspension problems can heighten your risk of having an accident so it needs attention by a qualified mechanic promptly. 

The truck is not sitting level 

A simple visual check you can make to check if your suspension is working okay would be to see if the vehicle is at the same height in each corner. 

If you notice that one corner sits lower than the others you need to investigate the cause. It could be that your tire pressures are wrong. Once you have eliminated this fault it would be a good idea to get the suspension checked. 

Not enjoying a smooth ride? 

If you are feeling virtually every bump and undulation in the road that could be a sign that your suspension is not working properly. 

Your shock absorbers and struts need to be checked to find out if there is a problem. 

You might also notice a leak where fluid has escaped as a result of a faulty suspension system.

Is your truck difficult to steer? 

If your truck is not handling as well as it should be and you notice that you are working harder than usual to keep the vehicle going in the right direction it is a potential sign that your suspension or steering systems might be faulty. 

Some issues to check include whether there is enough power steering fluid and whether the control arm bushes are worn. 

Do your shock absorbers look oily? 

You should commit to carrying out regular inspections of your suspension system. This will enable you to be able to spot any visible signs of an issue such as an excessive amount of grease and oil on the shock absorbers. 

If you can see these fluids it is likely that the unit is leaking fluid and needs to be inspected for damage. 

Regular maintenance and inspection checks are always a good idea as they provide an early indication of a potential problem with your suspension. It is far better to find a problem early than to suffer a breakdown or failure on the road. 

If you do need to replace parts for your truck make sure you fit the best quality possible. This strategy will prove safer and more cost-effective in the long run.

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